3D TV Without Glasses and Its Technology!

by Central Sussex College

3D TV Without Glasses and Its Technology works with the different types of these three-dimensional tvs that never need the utilization of 3D glasses like Parallax Barrier Technology, Lenticular Lens Technology and 3D TV Box.

3D TV Without Glasses and Its Technology!

Technology, indeed, has changed the fate of guy. It has even changed the technique guys wish To be amused. Gone are the days when he was content with viewing the newest baseball game found on the older black and white tv. With the advent of technologies came the “feel as in the event you were there” 3D videos.

Years ago, individuals can observe 3D videos in cinemas alone. They even had to wear 3D glasses to create them feel as if they were viewing the film a limited methods within the scene. The outcome was astounding and folks craved for more.

Today, 3D films is enjoyed not merely in cinemas and in the comfort of the own homes. The 3D Television Without Glasses has been increased to satisfy your demands. Manufacturers continue to analysis and discover the development that is 3D Television.

What are The Various Technologies that Deal With 3D TV?

Parallax Barrier Technology

This technologies utilizes minute lenses that are included into the TV monitor, therefore eliminating the requirement or glasses. These are called layered fluid crystal displays which contain little stripes that conceal certain pixels thus that some are noticeable to the left eye while the alternative pixels is deciphered by the appropriate eye. These pixels then provide pictures that is sent to our brains.

However, the spectator should stay in the same spot to get the maximum impact this technologies delivers.

Lenticular Lens Technology utilizes lenticular lenses that are built found on the show monitor, thus glasses are no longer required. These lenses, which resemble fried eggs, bend the left and appropriate pictures that are yielded. This development enables the watcher a broader view of the image.

This development functions by using a webcam that locks on to a spectator’s eyes and adapts the pictures transmitted by utilizing a webcam that locks on to a audience eyes and changes the pictures sent within the show as the spectator shifts his head so that they see in 3D. This really is much like the headset utilized in videos like “Virtual Reality”. When the spectator moves, the image moves too, tricking the mind that there is dimension behind the screen.

The Three Dimensional TV Box

This is a unique discovery in 3D TV without glasses technologies. This operates if you take a typical three-dimensional image and sending it into the 3D TV Box to be displayed. The 3D TV Box takes the image and projects it on to the TV monitor at the same dimension you see when utilizing 3D glasses on many 3D sets, and may take topic the different services that have streaming 3D content solutions.

With the 3D TV Box, faults could nevertheless be found, but at minimum, images look sharper than with all the different 3D TV technologies.

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