A Brief Overview On What Are HDMI Cables

High Definition Multimedia Interface transmits digital data, which is not compressed, via an audio or video interface. It is an alternate option to the standard analog connectivity, and is digital in nature. It helps in connecting the latest range of devices to an output system. These devices consist of high definition DVD players, blue ray disc players, set top boxes, personal computers, laptops, gaming consoles etc. Let us now look into what are HDMI cables.

These new cables are able to support different types of TV and personal computer video format, over a single cable unit, which transmits high definition data. The most critical feature introduced is the Consumer Electronic Control Connection. This facility allows the user to have control over the various interconnected HDMI devices, with the help of one single remote control. So, in simple words, it means that one remote can monitor a television, a DVD player and a set top box.

Products supporting this high definition interface came into the market around the year 2003. Now almost a thousand products support this feature and they come with a specific output or input slot for them. It soon exceeded the popularity of the DVI wires in the year 2008.

The research work on this transmission medium began in the year 2002. The main objective of the research was to create a medium that could carry high definition data and support backward compatibility with older devices and cords. All the televisions manufactured now include at least one input for this type of cord. Finally it was launched to the world in 2003.

A leading technology magazine defined this latest transmission medium as an innovation that has revolutionised the world. It basically referred to the consumer electronic control feature of these connectors.

All the major digital appliances today support high definition video and audio transmission and these cables provide the best possible connection to them with an external device. The common query these days of, what are HDMI cables, is now clearer.

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