Abusing the Mobile Technology

Article by David H. Urmann

 Abusing the Mobile Technology

Everything is almost possible with mobile technologies. Yet, the drawbacks include losing privacy, money, and even dignity. The unremitting advancement of technology intends to make life easier but it is also being exploited by some deceitful groups in robbing an individual’s security.

There are always some good and bad effects of technology. Technology plays a significant role in our daily existence-making way of life more gratifying and convenient. However, manipulating it the other way around could lead mankind to inconveniences and troubles.

PornographyAs more and more pornographic videos are out of control, so many are induced to engage in illicit pursuits. Even minors can access them and this makes it more alarming. Parents do not have enough control of the messages their children receive and send as well. Without proper guidance it could influence young persons into formulating irresponsible decisions in the future.

Videos of sexual encounters among boyfriend and girlfriend relationships are common sex-related scandals. Some use the videos to blackmail the other partner. Pornography tends to lower the moral values of a society. Because of the uncontrollable proliferation of such things, society began to accept pornographic videos as a natural form of entertainment. This too causes it to be harder for the authorities to regularized adults videos.

Stealing MoneyRobbers have creativity in stealing money. They would send messages informing that you won a grand price. They would then convince victims to claim their price and it shall be processed when they transfer a certain amount of money to the criminal’s account. Unfortunately, there are a lot of reported cases about text scams and the robbers were able to influenced victims to transfer money in their account.

Misleading informationJust as information dissemination is beneficial to many, it is also as damaging if information is misleading and inaccurate. Likewise, forwarding messages that is unverified and half true is destructive. It can worsen an already bad situation and can even trigger irreversible circumstances. Precise information is extremely crucial to highly sensitive jobs such as security, intelligence, bomb diffuser and others. One or more individuals may be killed or terrors may multiply due to fallacious reports.

 Abusing the Mobile Technology

Reported cases of bomb scares through text messages brought tension to business establishments thus stopping them to go on with normal business routine. This creates paranoia and anxiety instead of better productivity and richer communities.

IsolationOver use of mobile technology can lead someone to isolation. Without realizing, the constant use of mobile phones lets a person forgets to be present at the place he is in. He can be present with his family but his concentration is not with them. Additionally, it also lessens the person’s span of attention and can lead to loss of focus. This is due to so much information available that one can get.

Loss of PrivacyTechnology can assault one’s privacy. This is possible by the tracking device of the network providers. Upon request, they are able to track down the mobile subscriber and one can easily be located by the network. Conversations over the phone can be tapped too making highly confidential data prone to untimely disclosure. This is especially disadvantageous to government’s tactics in protecting the country from promising security threats.

Proper and conscientious operation of mobile phones would yield higher global efficiency and output. But if exploited, it would almost equally generate the same degree of damage. It is no longer a question of how bad technology can affect people. But it is how people embrace it to the society’s full advantage and not to one’s personal interest alone.

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