Basic Functions of Computer Hardware

Knowledge about the basic functions of computer hardware is essential as it ensures proper functioning of its various peripherals. As you are dependent upon the electronic device for most of your official and personal work, it is actually helpful to learn about the computer hardware components so that you can work with a PC in the long run.

The most common computer hardware components are as under:

·   Input Devices- The most common input devices of a computer include: A keyboard, a barcode reader, light pen, mouse, digitizing tablet, microphone, graphic tablet, joystick, magnetic-stripe reader, a scanner, touch screen, etc.

·   Output Devices- Output devices of a computer include: a screen, printer, speaker, disk drives, a projector, a plotter, etc.

To get desired results, it is essential for the above mentioned computer peripherals to work in accordance with each other.  For this, it is important for all the hardware components to be in a good condition so that they should deliver the desired functions properly.

Functions of Basic Computer Hardware Peripherals

·   A CPU – Central processing unit is one of the most important elements of computer peripherals that decide the processing power of a computer. The faster  the CPU, the speedier  is the processing of computer functions and various software programs.

·   Hard disk drive- Hard disk drives include CD/DVD that is compact disks and Digital Versatile/Video Disc that are popularly utilized by users to save large amounts of data.

Though data saved in these devices is not secure as chances of data loss are more due to virus attack. However, with the assistance of an anti-virus, you can manage the stored data in these storage devices.

·   A Monitor – A monitor or a screen of a PC performs the task of displaying images and output of the programs on which the user performs actions.

·   A Keyboard – A keyboard acts as output with the help of which a user can provide data to the computer to process.

·   Mouse – A mouse is a small device used to operate the PC by using a simple click.

·   A printer – It is an output device that gives printouts of documents on pages of different sizes or to produce fine quality color or black and white images.

·   A Modem – A modem is required to have an access to the internet which has to be attached to a PC by using high speed cables or by using a telephone line. 

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