Bose Wireless Speakers: A Review of the Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System

Who wouldn’t like to have a roaming wireless set of speakers to pump up their homes with some wise music? If this really is what you’re interested in, then Bose wireless speakers have what you want. One of their ideal models, the Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System, is an great model that you need to take a consider. This review may cover everything you ought to learn about the model.

General Description

This wireless program is basically a set of the single big speaker, a remote control, along with a USB key. Naturally, included in the package is the energy cord and adapter. Everything in the set is completed with a glossy black skin that makes it last extended despite misuse and weathering. It equally looks extremely aesthetically appealing and it blends effectively with any house dcor. This device is made as a movable wireless program that you may use in different regions of your house. It has the dimensions of 6.7″ x 12.0″ x 5.1″ along with a fat of four.5 pounds, a extremely light structure that you carry about wherever you need to go.

The device is brought about in almost any location of the house because lengthy because it is actually associated to the USB key which serves because its wireless network connector, and this links your device to the computer as well as the numerous web sound programs to access like iTunes, Pandora, podcasts, and web radio stations. It’s also easy to use because all you need to do is connect the USB key – there’s no need for installation, no cables, no setup. You are able to commence playing your favorite music on this speaker after you take it from the box.

What’s more great about this device is the fact that it has a rechargeable Lithium-ion power which makes it simpler for you to carry it about. There’s no should keep a cable on it to keep it playing. But, you do have the possibility of playing the speaker on AC energy.


The USB key is what you utilize to connect the device into your computer and wirelessly send sound to the program about 60 feet away in an average home. The Waveguide speaker technologies is included into this model, and this feature is what allows the speaker to make full-bodied sound, particularly in the lower registers, for more natural-sounding bass and percussion instruments. There’s no static and no rumbling sound when the speaker plays full bass. The Bose digital signal processing circuitry allows better control over the sound which makes the sound more consistent and lifelike even at low amount degrees. This really is certainly the number one of all Bose wireless speakers.

Other Features

The device has a built-in carry handle which enables fast and simple transport from 1 area to another, and even outside. The speakers have an auxiliary input for MP3 players or DVD/CD players which allow you to connect the equipment into the program and play the sounds found on the speaker. There’s additionally an effortless remote control that provides you the privilege to work the energy and amount of the device without to move from your place, and you are able to furthermore play, pause, and skip tracks on your playlist from virtually anywhere in the space. There are equally touch-sensitive amount control buttons are found straight on program to work the machine even if the remote control is not accessible.


The just flaw of the program is the fact that when you play through this device, the sound from your program disappears. This means that the speaker becomes truly the only sound player when you play on it. It cancels out the alternative speakers in your program, whether they’re the speakers of the computer, your TV, or alternative audiovisual equipment. However, the device plays good sound so it may not be that bad to have it play on its own. And like additional Bose wireless speakers, it upholds the name of the firm that is recognized for the good standard items. So if you’re interested in a good transportable house speaker that eliminates all of the problems of wiring and connectors, then I very suggest the Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System.

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