Buying a Scuba Computer

A scuba computer can make any dive safer and more enjoyable. That’s because these computers can instantly tell divers how deep they are and how long they’ve been under water. A scuba computer, then, gives divers the chance to maximize their underwater time and minimize the periods they spend on the surface. For a safe dive, divers need a depth gauge, dive table and dive watch. Scuba computers allow divers to see all of this information instantly.

But as with any indispensable piece of equipment, scuba computers come in a variety of styles, feature a wide array of price tags and boast a whole range of special features. These options can prove overwhelming. Fortunately, divers who do just a bit of research, and take a closer look at their own diving habits, will be well equipped to purchase the right scuba computer. Scuba computers vary widely in price. Divers can find a good computer for less than $ 200. If they want a scuba computer with all the extras, they can instead spend $ 1,500 or more. How much computer you need depends on the kind of diver you are.

For instance, an advanced scuba computer can keep a log of your last 50 dives. That’s valuable information. But do you actually need a record that stretches back so far? Less expensive scuba computers might track your last 10 to 15 dives. That amount of information may be enough for you. Some scuba computers allow divers to download the data from their dives onto a personal computer. For some divers this may be an essential feature. Others, though, will never take the time to transfer their logs from the scuba computer to a PC. These divers shouldn’t pay extra, then, for a scuba computer that comes with this feature.

Different types of diving computers are also more or less expensive. Console or wrist-mounted computers are the most affordable. Air-integrated hose-free computers, though, cost significantly more. A nitrox computer will be more expensive than an air-only model. Again, the type of diver you are should determine the variety of scuba computer you buy. If you are a purely recreational diver, you’ll probably do fine with the less expensive write-mounted or console models. If, though, you are a serious diver, one who spends a lot of time in the water, you may want to invest in a top-of-the-line dive computer. The price will be higher, but if you use the machine often, that extra cost can be more than justified.

If you’re looking at diving computers, you may want to stop by Glen Marken’s Dive Computer Reviews. Here you can read about the computers, and also read reviews from divers just like you. Take the time to learn how to use the dive tables – decompression sickness is a real threat to even the most skilled divers.

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