Can the Playstation 3 Push 3-D Into the Mainstream?

PlayStation 3
by kazamatsuri

Something funny occurred found on the stage of Sony’s click meeting at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year. Kaz Hirai, Chief Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, stood on stage and proclaimed the PlayStation 3 might do for 3D exactly what it did for Blu-ray.

Um, no.

Naturally, people do have HDTVs, an upgrade they probably created in the previous several years. It took some time to create that shift into the mainstream, and we are today at the point where ordering a standard description TV at the wants of Best Buy is today rendered impossible. Many invested a some grand on their new house theatre and are very happy with that. Who might blame them?

Now, in a miniscule amount of time, persons are being asked to upgrade yet again. That’s fantastic and all, but you’re asking customers to invest thousands of $ more to turn over their probably unique equipment into 3D-capable sets.

Let’s move into the future a bit when those costs have come down within the ridiculous $ 150+ for a pair of glasses. A great deal of the videos obtainable in 3D is re-releases, including the present stock of Ice Age and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Not only do they anticipate customers to upgrade their TVs, receivers, and purchase glasses, they require to re-buy the program again too.

And this really is all because individuals have just started to result in the leap to Blu-ray itself, let alone 3D Blu-ray.

Just because the PlayStation 3 supports it signifies small. Keep in your mind, it’s truly the only system of the generation to make use of 3D thoroughly. Microsoft must embrace 3D, Netflix must embrace 3D, and cable/satellite firms have to embrace 3D for this structure to stand a chance.

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