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by Cayusa

Generally used to describe any imagined utopia, the ideal society. Sometimes it is also used to describe today’s society trying to achieve some theoretical attempts to become. Often also used to express some utopian good, but can not be achieved (or almost impossible to achieve) suggested, aspirations, plans. Increasingly popular concept of modern “Cloud Computing” about to fall into this category.

 cloud Computing Concept: High performance Computing Utopia?   Cloud Computing,

Cloud computing concept:

Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing) is a distributed processing (DistributedComputing), parallel processing (Parallel Computing) and Grid Computing (GridComputing) development, or that the commercial realization of the concept of computer science. The basic principles of cloud computing is the calculation of distribution by making a large number of distributed computers, rather than the local computer or remote Server In corporate data centers run more like the Internet. This allows companies to switch resources to the needs of applications, on demand access to computers and storage systems.

This is a revolutionary move, however, an analogy, which is like a generator from the old model to a single centralized power plant model. It means that computing power can also be carried out in circulation as a commodity, like gas, electricity and water, as access to convenient and low cost. The biggest difference is that it is transmitted through the Internet.

Blueprint for cloud computing have been ready to come out: in the future, only one Notebook Or a Mobile , It can be Network Services to achieve all we need, even supercomputing to the task. From this perspective, the end user is the true owner of cloud computing. Cloud computing applications include such an idea, to join forces to which each member uses. From the most fundamental sense, cloud computing is the use of the Internet Software And data. As the recent technical writer

former editor of Windows Magazine in its blog on MikeElgan said, “Cloud computing the new term should be abolished. It is very confusing, misleading, redundant and completely flawed.”

 cloud Computing Concept: High performance Computing Utopia?   Cloud Computing,

“Everyone is talking about” cloud computing “, the latest and most questionable IT buzzwords of today’s IT professionals to become more confusing terminology. This is what I think should stop using it.”

Closer look, all around the “cloud computing” explanation is rather chaotic. Large IT vendors have to say it, from that self-portraits, their definitions and explanations can not convince each other. Each technical staff seem to want around “cloud computing”, but they either do not understand, by their confused or does not support this idea.

“Cloud computing” has been used to represent grid computing, utility computing, software as a service, Internet-based applications, autonomic computing, peer to peer computing and remote processing. When most people use the term, they express is one of the above concepts, but the audience understood that other meaning.


InfoWorld Web site with dozens of companies, analysts and IT users to discuss cloud computing out of several forms:

1.SAAS (Software as a Service)

This type of cloud computing to pass through the browser to process hundreds of thousands of users. The eyes of the user, this will save on the server and software license expenses; from the supplier point of view, it need only be enough to maintain a program, this can reduce costs. Salesforce.com is by far the most well-known company of such services. SAAS in human resources management procedures and the more commonly used in ERP. Google Apps and Zoho Office are also similar services

2. Utility computing (Utility Computing)

This idea a long time ago with, but that only recently in Amazon.com, Sun, IBM and others to provide storage services and companies in the new virtual server. This cloud computing is the IT industry to create a virtual data center makes it able to Memory , I / O devices, storage and computing power together into a virtual pool of resources to provide services for the entire network.

3. Network Services

Close relationship with SAAS, network service providers are able to provide API for developers to develop more Internet-based applications, rather than providing stand-alone program.

4. Platform as a Service

Another SAAS, this form of cloud computing to the development environment as a service to provide. You can use the equipment brokers to develop their own programs and through the Internet and its servers spread to the hands of users.

5.MSP (Management Service Provider)

Use the oldest one of cloud computing. This application is for the IT industry for more than end users, commonly used in email virus scanning, process monitoring and so on.

6. Business Service Platform

SAAS and MSP hybrid applications, such as cloud computing users and vendors to provide a platform for interaction. Personal expenses such as user management system to the user’s settings to manage its expenses and to coordinate its various services ordered.

7. Internet Integration

The Internet companies provide similar services to integrate, so that users can more easily compare and choose their service provider.

Cloud computing a lame marketing term?

“Cloud computing” is misleading. As a marketing term, its use shows that the work of some new and better way, but in fact there may not have any new things. Yes, new technologies have been and continue to happen. However, marked the new technology to “cloud computing” and going, does not make the new technology is a good promotion. It also makes technical and non-technical personnel exchanges difficult. The past, people often think that “cloud computing” is a phrase encompassing all things, can describe now the problem is happening on the network. But I found, people are more tend to assume it was some more specific things.

“Cloud computing” is redundant. Unlike other terms such as “Web 2.0″ or “virtualization” These words used to describe new things, or to visualize fuzzy things. On the contrary, he is new to the old days put on the cloak and make concrete more fuzzy technology easy to understand.

“Cloud computing” is flawed. But it’s only useful as a resounding terms, for the marketing of products they advertised a new name, to fuzzy sub-buyers

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