Comparing Xbox 360, Playstation 3, And Nintendo Wii

When we look at the products today, I can say that the gaming industry is at the peak of development. Motion sensors, built-in camera, voice recognition software, Internet capability, HDMI support, open network, and massive hard disk storage. All these won’t be possible if Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo weren’t continuously updating their game consoles in order to gain the most attention and sales.

First we have Nintendo Wii, the first console to use the motion sensors. This product really gained quite an attention when it was first released, because it has the features that no available console could match. During that time, the idea of Nintendo is very far-fetched because no one ever thought that games can be played using gestures of the players.

Next, we have Playstation 3, which is said to be the most expensive and luxurious game console ever made.

Selling for more than 0, what more can you ask if you were given a game console with Blu-Ray player, HDMI support, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi capability, massive 250 hard disk storage, online network, and a futuristic sleek metal design. This console gave a new meaning to entertainment and is the reason why it is capable of competing with the best consoles today.

Finally, we have the Xbox 360, which was developed by the latest game console company – Microsoft. Offering some of the best games the world has ever seen, and mid-ranged features like the HD DVD player and an online network called Xbox Live, Microsoft was able to gather quite of number of supporters. The main strength of this company comes from its game developers, which is overwhelming if compared to the partner developers of Nintendo and Sony.

These are the top three video game consoles that we have today. They are offering different levels of entertainment for different types of gamers. Pick one that suits your taste and know what entertainment really means.

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