Confidence Building Games! 3 Simple Games!

These confidence building games will help you feel more confident about yourself. These are just some simple games that I have come up with to help you out. There are so many things you can do to raise your self esteem and this is only one method of doing so. Let’s get started and take a look at the 3 simple confidence boasting games!

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1. Go up to any random stranger and get to know him/her. This really helps get you out of your shell. But here’s the key! Do something that would really embarass you normally around this stranger.

That means doing something stupid like dropping your a pencil 5 times in a row in front of this stranger. I know this sounds silly but this little confidence building game works!

2. Go do something that you would never do like stand up comedy or karoake at a bar. This really makes normal talk to a person seem like a breeze in the park after doing this several times.

3. Get out a peice of paper and list all of the traits you have that you love. Next write down on a seperate sheet of paper things that you hate about yourself. Take this piece of paper and throw it away! Now take the sheet of paper that has all of your good traits and read it 3 times per day a loud. Be grateful for what you have that is good and realize you have great things about you.

These are just some simple confident building games that you can try! Yes you may have to step outside your comfort zone but that’s waht building your self esteem is all about! Just remember not to take things to seriously and you will see yourself become more confident with time.

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