Digital Transcription Service for Audio and Video Files

Digital transcription service for audio and video files helps businesses and professionals perform better and more efficiently. Tons of information is something businesses and professionals need for efficient discharge of their responsibilities. But the information needs to be transcribed into a form that is compatible for further use or effective storage.   

How Digital Transcription Services Help

Digital transcription involves the precise transcription of audio or video files into the format specified by the client. Digital transcription companies take great effort to know your unique requirements so they can offer services tailor-made to the requirements of your business or job. Organizations and professionals in the fields of law, retail or other kinds of business, hospitality, military, government or medical, have all benefited enormously from these digital transcription solutions.  

Greater accuracy can be ensured for the transcribed files if they are received in digital format. But in whatever format client companies send their audio and video files, these are converted into digital format by the transcription company. Digital transcription service brings benefits such as greater efficiency, quicker transcription and eventually greater customer satisfaction.

Various File Transfer Options Provided

Digital transcription companies always place emphasis on the convenience of the customer, so they provide many options for sending the files to be transcribed. Businesses and professionals can send their audio and video files through:

•  CDs, DVDs, USB sticks
•  Smartphones or other data travel means
•  Through convenient browser-based transfer means
•  Through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) designed by the transcription company

Alternatively, the company provides clients with a digital dictation machine through which they can dictate the data easily. This enables digital quality dictation.

Digital transcription companies convert the audio or video files received into digital format before they’re downloaded by transcriptionists. Digital transcription is accurate and fast.    
Quality Ensured for the Digital Transcription Service

Each transcribed file goes through multiple quality checks and there are experienced editors and proofreaders as well as experts in the respective topics who work on each transcribed file. This ensures accuracy of the transcribed file. The files are handed back through the FTP or through other secure means. Great effort and high tech encryption technology go into making the files safe during the transcription process as well as during file transfer. The entire procedure is cost-effective too, as transcription companies ensure their digital transcription services are adapted to the individual needs of clients.

Digital transcription service for audio and video files should be ideally sought from a reputable service provider with considerable experience in the field.

Digital Transcription Service: MOS Legal Transcription Service is one of the leading legal transcription companies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, providing accurate and time bound legal transcription services to the legal community.

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    Grate stuff. But i didn’t get what exactly “Through convenient browser-based transfer means” mode is. We do provide transcription service but never heart of this mode of sending a file. Is it mean sending through internet?

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