Ephedrine Tablets

Ephedrine tablets are commonly sold as commercial fat burners on the market. As an amine, it does share some similarities to methamphetamines such as suppressing appetites. They are harvested from entirely natural sources however since they come from a plant. This plant is known as Ma Huang and it has been used in China as a traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It its typically used to for respiratory ailments and can help in raising blood pressure. Today however, ephedrine tablets are only used within the weight loss industry. Ephedrine has natural thermogenic properties that help can assist those that seek a slimmer waist. Thermogenesis refers to the process where heat is created. This process typically increases our metabolic rate which means higher energy expenditure.

Because of this, they are a popular ingredient in a variety of fat burners across the global market. They are commonly used in “Stacks”. Stacks are simply fat burners that combine a few ingredients to improve the efficiency of the supplement. A typical stack will have ephedrine, aspirin and caffeine. Aspirin is included as a means of reducing the side effects normally associated with such stacks. Common side effects include disrupted sleeping patterns, headaches as well as increased levels of agitation.Those that suffer from depression are advised against consuming ephedrine tablets as are pregnant women. Ephedrine based supplements are also the center of much debate and controversy. It is sold over the counter in Canada and is a prescription drug in the UK. Only licensed pharmacies are allowed to sell them within the United Kingdom. But it is banned within the United States. Because of the ban, all fat burners within the American market are ephedrine free. Instead, other ingredients are used.

There are those on the market that prefer using it as a stronger replacement for caffeine. There are a number of benefits when using ephedrine in this manner. Folks have reported that their focus and concentration is enhanced. While ephedra stacks are effective, it must be combined with regular exercise and a good eating regiment to fully experience the results. Some popular ephedra-free supplements include Hydroxycut, Twinlab’s ripped fuel extreme as well as a variety of green tea/acai root based fat burners. They typically cost ten dollars for a bottle (60 capsules) and are still used by some body builders particularly before an event.

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