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If you are the kind of individual who leads a busy and technologically dependant life, and lets face it, the majority of us do, then you probably often find yourself in need of consolidation. Take, for example, the universal remote; with so many different entertainment systems, it becomes impractical to have so many different remotes sitting on the table. By creating one remote that can control all of your entertainment needs, life is made a little bit simpler. The same can be said of a console switch, which does effectively the same thing with computers that a universal remote does for entertainment.

A console switch is a hardware device that let users control more than one computer from just one keyboard, mouse and monitor screen. Even though that may sound complicated, its use is rather easy; the user simply connects the monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the console and then to the computers. In some cases, USB ports, audio, and other special connection cables are provided. The rest of the work is done by the cables, as they pass signals between the keyboard and the computer. This also allows for the movement of a mouse across more than on screen, if you happen to need more monitors than one.

Although console switches were initially designed for data centers and more commercial uses, which does not mean that in todays fast paced and technologically advanced world there is not demand for them in personal homes. Most American homes have at least one computer, and many find the need to connect their laptops and computers more often than not; the console is a perfect solution.

Here is what to expect when you purchase a console: when you open the box, everything should be packed safely away. If there isnt sufficient packaging or the product looks like it may have been battered during delivery, you should return it; because of the delicate nature of the ports, any rough handling may have damaged one of them! The product itself should look like a little box, not unlike an external hard drive, but with many more ports. Then, you will see the cables; try not to get too stressed out when you see all of them! Yes, there are many cables, but remember, you might not even need to use them all, and the directions that come in the package will make it more than clear where they call go. If you are still struggling, you can always call a help line and ask for instructions that are more specific. At the end of the day, simplicity is what we all strive for; although that might never be fully attainable, with a console server you can sure come a lot closer! Consolidating your machinery and allowing for smoother connections between your computers can make a world of difference, and the console switch makes it all possible.

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