Flexible Keyboards – The Ultimate Travel Gadget

With the advent of technology, computer systems have been growing smaller and smaller in size, to make it easier to carry them from one place to another. All new computing devices like laptops, palmtops, tablet PCs and even the smart phones are being made with the same goal of reducing the overall size and the weight of the product and allow the system to be carried around more easily.

This is particularly true when we look at the world of electronics where the advancement of technology according to Moore’s law has resulted in the computers becoming smaller and more powerful every 18 months. We have seen the shift from large computers to smaller desktops and in recent times from desktops to laptops, and now we are slowly moving to tablet PCs or net books and smart phones.

All these innovations have created devices which are easy to carry and move around with the smaller size and reduced weight but there are tradeoffs emerging. For example the size of the computer keyboards has been reduced to allow more portability but if the keyboard is shrinks beyond a certain level, the keys will each become too small for the users to comfortably type on. Additionally on the best of these small devices, if the user has to work for extended periods of time typing long emails or writing large amounts of programming code, their fingers could become tired due to the small size of the keyboard. Moreover, the small size of the individual keys and the lack of distance between them also make the maneuvering and typing difficult and more prone to mistakes.

This has resulted in a lot of people wanting to have their own separate peripheral keyboard, which is a normal size keyboard so that they can work comfortably on their portable device or laptop.

But in most cases, the keyboard is larger than the device and hence reduces the benefit of portability that the device provided in the first place. The solution to this problem is the invention of roll-up computer keyboards.

Portable computer keyboards are made from materials which are highly flexible in nature. These keyboards also called the roll up computer keyboards are actually flexible enough to be folded into a small package and carried around easily. When the user wants to make use of the peripheral device, these flexible computer keyboards can be unrolled into a full size keyboard, which can then be used comfortably.

The second biggest problem with technology is the impact that liquids can have on electronics and hence the portable computer keyboards are made from various water resistant polymers like silicone or polyurethane. Moreover, these keyboards are also sealed completely in rubber like material to allow for more flexibility and this material also makes the keyboard completely washable and hence water proof.

The only shortcoming of these portable computer keyboards is that sometimes they are soft and do not make any typing sound. There can be a period of adjustment for new users to get used to them.

Everett has been designing web sites for over 12 years. You can check out his latest website http://www.portable-computer-keyboard.com which reviews and lists portable computer keyboards.

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