Free Xbox 360, Scam or Not?

I have long and hard searched on the internet on how to get a free xbox 360 online. After being scammed a number of times, finally it seems that my efforts have not gone in vain. Recently I stumbled on a way to get a ” free xbox 360 ” for a very low cost if not free!!

It was hard for me to believe that this was through freebie websites. These sites promise to give away a ” free xbox 360 “, if you to sign up with and refer a few friends. What I have discovered is that although some of them are scams most of them are actually legitimate business.

“So I sign up with these websites and get a free xbox 360 ?” you ask.

If you are hoping for that then keep hoping…

You see if you go to one of these freebie websites they will ask you to sign up with them for free:

They will take you to there offers where you will be asked to complete a few offers (mostly trial) to get one full credit (for e.g. complete 2 offers ½ credit each to get one full credit). Some of these trial offers are free, for some you have to pay 0-5 dollars. Your one step closer to your “free xbox 360″.

You sign up for these trial offers (usually a lot to choose from), and then pay the initial fee of 0-5 dollars. You may even get free stuff from these offers (e.g. gift cards). If you like the offer you may continue, but otherwise you can cancel it as per the terms and condition.

So in total signing up for one or two offers will cost anywhere between $ 0-6 (depending on offers) and you get one full credit bringing you closer to your “free xbox 360″).


Not quite…

Now once you get 1 full credit you will be eligible to get your free xbox 360. You now have to refer anywhere between 3-8 people (depending on the prize you are after) to get your gift and make them sign up under you and complete the offers like you did.

Yes you heard me right. This is relatively the hard part, but once you do this you are guaranteed to get your free xbox 360 not for free but for a low cost.


If you have close friends, family and colleagues you can refer them to the freebie site throug the referral link. They can sign up under you and complete the offers and be eligible for the free xbox 360 . If you want to you can later reimburse them.

Once done voila now you can get your “free xbox 360″, an Xbox 360 for a small cost!!


To get a “free xbox 360″ you will need somewhere around 6-8 referrals. 6-8 referrals means anywhere between 0 and 48 dollars (if you pay your referrals), so essentially you can get an Xbox 360 for a maximum of 0- 48 dollars.


If you are even a bit curious you would be asking yourself – “All of this is good but why would a company, in this case a freebie website give me a free xbox 360 ? “

You see the freebie sites which offer “free xbox 360″ get paid by there sponsors every time somebody completes an offer through them (the offers you complete). They make more than enough cash from this and therefore can easily give away these gifts.

The sponsors themselves get paid when they get a new lead (that is you). Some of the leads will continue with the offers but of course there is no obligation that you continue with these offers (Please read terms and conditions before signing up for anything)

This has worked for me so far and there is no reason why it should not work for you. Now that you know the truth behind the ” free xbox 360 “, you know what to do.

Shaikh MD, is an experienced victim of the online scams. He discovered a way to get a ” free xbox 360 ” but not exactly for free. To find out how to get started and/or if you are embarrassed or do not want to ask friends and family to do this then visit free xbox 360

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