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28 days, shopping district of West Region’s leading electrical and mechanical hardware to create the project of Anshan City, officially opened in mechanical and electrical wholesale. Anshan City, the new mechanical and electrical wholesale electrical and mechanical than the original city of Anshan, not only in scale, the upgrading, and upgrading to achieve the brand to attract the German Siemens, Schneider, U.S. ABB, the world over such a large number of internationally famous brands settled in the Electrical and Mechanical Hardware . After completion of mechanical and electrical wholesale Anshan City, expanding the size of West Hardware & Electrical business district, central Liaoning to build its future hardware mechanical and electrical products the largest wholesale distribution center for accumulation of energy.

Hardware & Electrical industry is focused on fostering the development of West District, one of the leading industries. In 2003, mechanical and electrical products have been doing business in Anshan Wenzhou businessmen Xu Xiaoyan see great potential in Anshan mechanical and electrical products market, but also found at scattered households of West Electrical and operating business operations of the state. The next year, Xu Xiaoyan activate the idle years of West light market, changed its name to the Electrical and Mechanical Anshan City, attracting hundreds of families stationed in the industry, operating nearly 200 varieties of species, Chint Electric, Foshan Lighting, Chicago Electric, through the source cable and many other famous brands have influx. Since all varieties, good quality, excellent prices, more and more businesses of Anshan City Electrical fire, rapid radiation of its sales to areas of Liaoyang, Panjin, Yingkou and other cities in central Liaoning. As a result, the city of Anshan Electrical and Mechanical & Electrical Industry of West led by the scale of the combined effect of previews.

However, after a few years, the city of Anshan Electrical and grades in the scale could not keep up with the domestic hardware market, the rapid development of mechanical and electrical industry, the pace of the Electrical and Mechanical in the city’s largest booth of 100 square meters, 500 square meters can not satisfy the well-known brand the demand for direct sales stores. In 2007, near the city of Anshan Electrical 500-meter block, a larger city broke ground on the wholesale electrical and mechanical. March 28 this year, total construction area of 80,000 square meters of Anshan City Electrical officially opened in wholesale, which is 15,000 square meters of commercial space, business industry family on 1000, settled more than 400 brands, more than the original Electrical and operating the city’s brand has doubled its scale has attracted Germany, France and the United States a large number of internationally famous brand hardware Electrical settled. Electrical wholesale operation in Anshan City, the annual turnover is expected to reach 150 million yuan, profit and tax 10 million yuan, to provide over 500 jobs. Electrical wholesale

Anshan City, Anshan built with the original Electrical City and close to the prosperous region of West Kowloon Thistle and hardware Electrical Street formed the business district of West’s Hardware Electrical. Business Bureau of West District who said the wholesale adoption of Anshan City, the leading role of mechanical and electrical, would accelerate the economic section of West Central Hardware & Electrical mature.

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