Has Society Become Controlled by Technology?

As advancement in technology makes a vast amount of improvement each year, it’s hard not to wonder whether society is starting to become controlled by technology. The vast majority of people believe that society is slowly being controlled by technology, although there are some who may beg to differ as they believe that humans have full control over technology, and that technology is a tool used for our convenience. But the fact remains that as long as we are reliant on technology, no matter how much control we seem to have over it, we are slowly being controlled by it as it ebbs its way into our daily lives.

From the home appliances we use, to the cars we drive, and computers we use for our work, all the way to the manufacturing of baby prams and the food we eat, there is hardly a device that we own and use that does not have technology in it or has been made without using technology. Though in this sense, technology has not literally taken control over society, but rather we have come to place technology as a central role in our lives and we have become reliant on it.

Consider this: when a pilot is navigating a plane, he has equipment that aids in his piloting of the plane to his destination, and the equipment no doubt relies on technology. When that equipment is faulty or malfunctions, although the pilot is in control of all the equipment, his control and having the equipment as tools does not determine what happens next. It is the technology which has malfunctioned that has an upper hand rather than the pilot.

Nowadays we are bombarded by the technology in the forms of the latest HD/plasma televisions, to the latest operating such or gadgets for computers. Even the rate at which new models of digital camcorders, cameras, mobile phones and mp3 players, are released into the market is at an incredibly fast rate. Jobs in areas such as engineering, accounting, teaching, and media, all rely on technology in the form of software programs and gadgets to make the job easier. As such, it can be said that technology is making its presence known in our daily lives and society is slowly but surely being controlled by technology.

People have become “lazy” when it comes to doing certain things and are starting to become so reliant on technology that it is frightening to think how life would be without it. Technology is like a double-edged sword, it can be useful and helps us in over daily lives, but there is also a cost to it. If we were to use it correctly, the consciences would not be so dire. It is after all an undeniable fact that technology has become an intricate part of our lives.

Written by Abigail Zhu

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