How to Connect Two Computers in a Home Network

Almost every house now has the following: initial, a desktop computer or 2, and then at minimum 1 computer. Why is this the case? So, in today’s planet, it’s virtually as if each individual need a computer for himself. But, there is furthermore a issue that is plaguing many homes – they usually occasions cannot connect their computers in a single network, even with all the abundance of networking resources accessible. Should you have a synonymous condition, then read this particular article further.

Listed below are the simple methods to take when you need to hook up at minimum 2 of the house’s computers in a single network. Even in the event you absolutely have connected your home’s computers you are able to nevertheless understand from this particular article as it dictates to you what really is occurring in a easy house network.

Your Internet modem possibly just has a slot for 1 computer, meaning you’re just offered a single IP address by your Internet Service Provider. But there is a method to share this connection to different computers in your house. Just follow the easy procedures below:

1) Firstly, you need to connect both your PCs utilizing a CAT-5 cable. With this you’ll make a form of cross-over.

2) Since you’re today connecting the 2 computers, you need to distinguish them by assigning for them different IP addresses. You are able to do this by modifying the attributes of the LAN Card (or the Network Interface Card). It is any quantity that you want, it doesn’t matter, as these IP addresses just function found on the house network and not over the Internet.

3) Thirdly, and the most important step in this procedure, is to install your proxy software. This really is truly the only means for your initially PC to share its Internet to your next computer, by performing as a proxy host.

4) After that, you’ll then connect your initial computer to the router (but naturally you need to install the hardware router). After your Internet Service Provider detects your router, it usually automatically assign a public IP address and all computers in your network usually attach to the hub of that particular IP address.

It actually is very challenging to build your initially ever house network, but with enough practice and if you’re determined enough, you are able to resolve it without any expert aid. You are able to equally utilize Wi-Fi techniques of creating a house network, but Wi-Fi seems to be unreliable sometimes, thus it’s all about you.

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