How to Delete Computer Junk Files

How to Delete Computer Junk Files

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How to Delete Computer Junk Files

 How to Delete Computer Junk Files

Computers easily get overloaded with a lot of junk files when you are surfing around on the Internet. Have you noticed that your computer is running slower? That the computer takes too long to load pages. The computer seems sluggish? Or having other Issues? Well, that computer might have picked up too many files while surfing around on the Internet. It is always a good idea to get rid of all those unecessary files. Clearing up space on the computer should clear up some of the problems. Here is how to easily delete the computer’s temporary files and save space on your computer.



 Deleting temp files  or junk files on the computer is easy stuff and is a skill that every computer user should know how to use to their very best advantage. Some might prefer software programs that automatically delete files, but it is always fun to learn how to delete these temp and junk files manually to understand the process.


Open your Internet Explorer Browser. Click tools/internet options at the top of the browser. The Internet Options display box opens.  Look for Temporary Internet files. There should be a delete files tab. Click the tab to delete the files completely. Then you are going to click the “OK” tab and close the display box.

 How to Delete Computer Junk Files


 Future files that collect on your computer should be easily deleted in the very same way. Use these steps to keep the computer running smoothly and free up space.



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