How to Fix Any Broken PlayStation 3 YOURSELF!

Article by Jasmine Farley

During the last few days I have read several blogs and video games forums where I found more than a few comments about the way you can fix your video game console. Particularly, I am a PlayStation 3 addict and I would like to provide you useful information about an affordable and efficient way to get the most of your broker PS3. If your PlayStation 3 problem is not too serious, you can maybe solve it by yourself just following the next steps. Otherwise, I would like to give you some advices in order you can have a better understanding about how to fix any broken PlayStation 3. Just read because probably you haven’t tried these tricks.

Things you can do at home:

*Try restarting your PS3:It is the simplest way to troubleshoot your PlayStation 3. If you are an IT Professional you will be very comfortable with this method. Just restart your PS3 -unplugging it from the wall-and watch out in order you can determine whether things now look fine or no. Additionally, restarting your PS3 can solve a wide range of errors and problems allocated in the software.

*Verify how cables are plugged: Another thing you can do is to verify whether cables are loose or not. Sometimes you think your PS3 has no remedies and it is simply a loose cable the responsible of this fake alarm.

*Plug & Unplug technique: Unplugging all PS3 cables and plugging them back can solve the problem. However, if you have tried this step you can try with the next tip -removing hard drive.

*Remove PS3′s hard drive: Unplugging and plugging back in your PS3′s hard drive is an efficient way to reset any malfunction that is affecting your system. Even though it could sounds a very technical issue -only for power users-but it is a very simple tip. Try it and then, let me know about the final result.

*Download PS3 Repair Guide: I have found a not-official PS3 repair guide which can help you to determine -step by step- what’s going on with your PlayStation in order you can troubleshoot any kind of problem. Sometimes, you take your PS3 to a technician who makes you pay a lot of money for just removing a simple cable. Just try to search in Google for “PS3 Repair Guide” and you will find a copy of it at With this guide you will get the sufficient skills to know how to fix any broken PlayStation 3.
Things you can do out of home

This part of the article is for those people who haven’t succeed with previous instructions. Unfortunately, I know this is something you don’t want to do but can help you to determine how to fix any broken PlayStation 3. You can send your PS3 to Sony and if your guarantee is still active you could get the most out of it. Get a the complete guide of fixing PS3s at

If you want to know more about fixing your PS3 visit and get a complete easy step by step guide to fixing almost any PlayStation problem.

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