How to Use Any Bluetooth Headset With the PlayStation 3

Article by Rupert Parker

One of the great things about the PlayStation 3 is its free support for online play. By playing online, you are able to get your competitive or cooperative side out and play with anyone in the world. However, although playing online is great, it is not as fun if you do not have a headset to use. If you do have a headset, you can communicate with teammates and make the experience even better. If you have a USB headset, then you can just plug it in and play. If you have a Bluetooth headset, then it is more tricky than that.

The nice thing about the PlayStation 3 is you can use any headset with it. You are limited to Sony’s official headset. Therefore, if you use one for your phone, then you can also use it with your online games. The follow are steps to how to use any Bluetooth headset with your PlayStation 3.

Step 1: Locate your headset. You will obviously need to do this in order to get started.

Step 2: Turn on your PlayStation 3 and Bluetooth headset. In order to pair the Bluetooth headset with the PlayStation 3, both of them have to be on.

Step 3: On the PlayStation 3 menu, select Settings and Accessory Settings. Then go to Manage Bluetooth Devices.

Step 4: Place your headset in pairing mode. This step is very important!

Step 5: Press Start Scanning on the PlayStation 3. After 10-15 seconds, it should list your headset on the screen.

Step 6: Select your headset and you will then be prompted to choose a pass code. The pass code is normally 0000 so just enter that unless you know what your actual pass code is.

Step 7: Go to your Audio Device settings and set the input method to your headset. You can now play online with your Bluetooth headset.

This should work with all compatible Bluetooth headsets. It is possible that not all headsets will work so make sure you read up reviews about your Bluetooth headset before you jump into doing this.

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