Inkjet Technology Development (b)

Integration and support Many equipment manufacturers have taken inkjet technology to support the necessary measures. For example: To promote the effective integration of the system and serving as customer support.

 Inkjet Technology Development (b)

Is indeed an innovative inkjet technology, but as with most of the system solution, it must be with other types of software and workflow components used in conjunction. How do these factors it is perfectly integrated with equipment manufacturers and end users need to face a problem.

Inkjet printing momentum is so strong because it?? If used properly?? Can ink, print head, printer or printing press and workflow software with perfectly matched. If you want to continue growing inkjet printing, it must maintain this precise integration.

If the human factor into the work process is another issue worth considering, but also the primary responsibility for printing.

Inkjet systems are currently operating personnel skill levels, and it depends on who the boss in the end to put ink jet production line. Although the ink is a very simple technique?? Almost anyone can learn?? But it is still on the skills of operators have certain requirements.

Agfa has made in product support lead, and they hope that other equipment manufacturers also do so. The company developed a customer support program, called C3, the program can achieve inkjet inkjet customers maximize the value of a fast track.

As C3 (fully integrated, full service and full benefits) such as ink-jet technology customer support system is key to success. Therefore the integration is to UV curable ink, print head and ink-jet printer or the printer properly together.

Equipment suppliers should send experienced engineers, trainers and financial advisers to provide customers with inkjet systems installation and maintenance services. In addition, we guarantee to our customers increase productivity while printing out the colorful, durable and strong image.

Research and development Only two years ago, inkjet printing in the global digital printing market share is still very small. With Agfa’s case, they enter the field very short time. The company has 100 years of imaging experience and very much hope to find a new technology to enable them to easily cope with tough market challenges.

In addition, the market environment has undergone tremendous change, an enterprise wants to survive, we must maintain a high return on investment. As a result, Agfa inkjet technology, the company began to study the development prospects, and quickly made a breakthrough.

In the past two years, the company has launched a number of inkjet solutions. They inkjet technology R & D investment a lot of money, and successfully developed (independently developed or jointly developed with other companies) made a lot of new inkjet systems, the print head and ink.

Looking to the future Today, North America, Western and Central Europe market has become the largest user of inkjet printing systems, Eastern Europe and Asian market growth rate can not be ignored. With the rapid development of the Chinese market, inkjet system has made great progress in Asia.

In addition, the development of inkjet technology in Latin America, the potential is very large, although the more lenient environmental requirements may make a long tradition of maintaining the vitality of print.

Historical experience shows that: Most of the technology will over time become faster and faster, cheaper, inkjet printing is no exception. This is the future development of the printing industry is a good sign, because when the market competition will become even more intense than it is now.

Inkjet speed increase and decrease the cost of printing and will be most positive response within the printing sector, customers would also like to print within the shortest possible time in order to maximize the effectiveness of advertising and promotional materials .

In addition, they also hope to recover as soon as the equipment investment to the limited resources into more important things, such as: expanding the scale of production, staff training and advertising.

All can meet customer demands speed and return on investment in printing technology, inkjet technology is one of the highest quality.

 Inkjet Technology Development (b)

Inkjet technology in the future will be more widely used, and printing companies to open the door to new markets. Decorative printing, security printing, POP, and short-time print and so will usher in a new user, we also hope to see the birth of more creative applications.

We all know, every new technology, new applications and new methods in the market before, must go through several years of research and testing, and inkjet technology is to break the fast popularity of this practice. We hope that it will continue in the coming days to write their own myth.

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