Java SE Java Virtual Machines (JVMs)

In today’s demanding embedded environment, Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) let to develop Java applications on desktop or servers. As knows Java enables RICH interface, portability and right of all is the safety for today’s planet.

Drag and Drop API was among the many APIs brought by JAVA SE 6, which enabled extending TransfeSupport class to help Swing application. This gave programmers an simple break through to build live suggestions into their controls.

Beginning of JAVA SE 6 launch Swing application wasn’t introduced, greatly improved JTable by adding API for kind and filtering contents of table. This APIs enables creating custom information kinds for filter and sorting.

JAVA SE 6 came up with SwingWorker utility class makes background jobs much easier. This lets permit progress suggestions to User Interface on Swing Event thread on background thread by SwingWorker spawns.

An implementation of Java Virtual Machine (JVM) specification by JVM interprets complied Java binary code (called bytecode) which executes coffee instructions. Java enables application to run on any platform which was the interest in developing on Java, without rewritten or recompiled on separate platform.

List of JVM Languages

Languages that are utilized to provide software that runs found on the Java Virtual Machine. Some of these languages are interpreted with a Java System, and some are complied with Java bytecode and JIT to better performance. Initial shape of Java Virtual Machine is to help just Java Programming languages, more languages were modified run on Java platform.

– High Profile Languages

o Clojure, a practical Lisp dialect

o Groovy, a script language

o Scala, and object oriented and practical programming language

o JavaFX Script, scripting code for wealthy web application

o JRuby, an implementation of Ruby

o Jython, an implementation of Python

o Rhino, an implementation of JavaScript

– Existing Languages

o Ada, JGNAT is a GNAT variation to compile  Aada programming code to Java bytecode

o C, C to JVM complier

o Cobol, JVM Visual COBOL

o ColdFusion, Adobe ColdFusion and Open BlueDragon

o JavaScript, Rhino developed by Java and managed by Mozilla Foundation

o Pascal, Canterbury Pascal for Java Virtual Machine

o PHP, IBM WebSphere sMash PHP(P8)

– New JVM Languages

o Alef++, Perl and Lisp

o Ceylon, Red Hat’s Java complier

o Fantom, a code built within the base to be transportable across the JVM, .NET CLR and JavaScript

Many more languages for JVM, for Function Tips, Perl, and algebraic information kinds, PHP, C++, etc.

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