Kindle Book Sales Are Really Taking Off

Some months ago, Amazon announced that they were marketing more Kindle books than hardbacks.Now it appears that Kindle book sales have overtaken paperback sales also. It surely can’t be lengthy before Kindle book sales are high than both paperback and hardback sales combined.

When you consider it, it has an air of inevitability. It appears fair to think that the kind of individual who is prepared to pay $ 139 for a Kindle is probably to be somebody who reads a fair quantity of books, don’t you think? There can usually be a some bibliophiles who choose the feel of the conventional printed book – but, over the part, we do appear to be heading towards a situation where e-books assume increasingly more value in the publishing globe.

There’s absolutely no shortage of Kindle books for potential buyers to select from. Currently there are in excess of 800,000 Kindle books on sale on Amazon’s Kindle shop. This quantity is growing daily – and there are a further 1.8 million from copyright books which is downloaded for free. These include titles by the likes of Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Homer, Virgil among others.

Amazon has additionally created a entire host of free apps accessible which allow Kindle books to be read without the requirement for a Kindle reader. These exist for the PC, the Mac, the Apple iPad, the iPod Touch, the Blackberry smart telephone and any device which runs Android. An application for the HP tablet computer is believed to be imminent. This signifies that consumers need do not have worry that their Kindle can become obsolete. Additionally, each application moreover serves as an extra retail outlet for Amazon.

Estimates place Amazon’s share of the present e-book marketplace at approximately 90%. Clearly that cannot continue in the extended expression, industry watchers are predicting a approximately equal 3 technique split between Amazon, Apple and Google by 2015. But, various of those same analysts expected that the release of Apple’s iPad will be the death of the Kindle, as well as got that incorrect didn’t they?

As a matter of truth, the newest 3rd generation Kindle reader is marketing much better than ever before. It was Amazon’s right marketing product (again) during the 2010 Christmas sales period, as well as the Kindle has today been Amazon’s ideal marketing product for 18 months. 2011 sales predictions have been improved from 5 million Kindles to 8 million, based upon latest sales returns. Some marketplace rationalisation looks inevitable in future, but there’s nothing to recommend any reduction in the Kindle’s dominance in the brief to medium term.

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