Kindle DX Vs iPad: Both Have Big Screens But Which Is the Better Ereader?

Early in 2010, a great deal of individuals were suggesting that ebook visitors were heading for doomsville – however they couldn’t be more incorrect as these equipment continue to be a lot around nowadays. In fact, ereaders are forever being pitted from the 1 device which was expected to function as the cause for their early demise ? the Apple iPad.

This iPad vs Kindle DX battle puts the 2 big screen ebook visitors on a head to head battle against each different. Yes, we’re not forgetting that the iPad is a tablet initial and foremost, but with the comparisons of the iPad versus alternative ebook visitors being created, it’s but right to match it up up against the ereader that is found on the same level, effectively at minimum size-wise, that is the Amazon Kindle DX.


As said, the 2 equipment aren’t thus different size-wise. While, there are limited variations ? the Kindle is somewhat longer, as well as the iPad has a bit more width, level, and fat ? you shouldn’t feel that much of the difference carrying 1 device or the additional.


The 2 equipment have the same screen size, 9.7-inch diagonal but the technologies utilized yet, are because different because day and evening. The LED-backlit full color IPS show of the iPad might certainly outshine the Kindle’s e-ink screen, which, with 16 grayscale shades, looks very dull. But while the LCD of the Apple device functions well for internet browsing, movie playbacks, searching over pic museums, etc., it refuses to provide the same reading experience that the e-ink screen has – glare-free and without eye stress. And for many individuals, this might be how an ebook reading experience could be

User Interface

The iPad’s screen moreover utilizes touch screen technologies and again, the experience of being capable to browse through pic museums or webpage, or playing interactive games with only flicks of one’s fingers is incomparable. On the other hand, the Kindle DX is built with a bodily keyboard, a 5-way controller, and buttons here and there. Not precisely the quickest or many contemporary technique of doing items but it functions with all the Kindle’s easy, fuss-free image.

Battery Life

For all its glitz and color, the LCD show can’t hold a candle to e-ink development with regards to battery performance. Compared to the Amazon device’s 2 to 3 weeks of power existence, the iPad could just last about 10 hours without a recharge.


The Kindle DX is currently priced at $379, while 16GB editions of the iPad begin at $499 and $629 for the Wi-Fi just and Wi-Fi with 3G models respectively. The Amazon reader has no Wi-Fi but that shouldn’t be too big of a problem as it’s got free 3G. Should you choose the iPad with 3G, keep in your mind it comes with a information program that bills about $15 to $20 a month.

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