List of Exclusive PlayStation 3 (PS3) Games

PlayStation 3
by Sunfrog1

PlayStation 3 is the newest seventh generation house system yielded by Sony Computer Entertainment. So several distinctive attributes for the system distinguish it from additional active consoles in the marketplace. Since its release on November 2006, program hold different stand among the players. Considering its marketplace position and recognition among players Sony has available exclusive games for the program. We are mentioning some chosen PS3 games below with small short about that game.

White Knight Chronicles
White Knight Chronicles game was developed by Level-5, SCE Japan Studio and introduced on February 2, 2010 in North America. This single player cooperative fantasy character playing game starts in kingdom of Balandor. In the kingdom princess is caught by an wicked organization called as Magi, Leonard who is the lead in the story hold the princess hand and shields her from wicked powers unfolding some unusual occasions and powers in the whole fantasy experience.

It equally introduces PlayStation house benefits after achieving certain milestones, that will boost up your excitement for contending and completing the game.

The Eye of Judgment
The Eye of Judgment is classic collectable card game developed by Japan Studio and operates with PlayStation Eye camera. You are able to additionally unlock 37 trophies accessible for the game as a reward for your achievements. With the utilization of PlayStation eye camera players will capture gesture of their characters while operating actions and observe fight in environment selected by them. Three-dimensional characters might fight till the death on a three-by-three grid table mat included 9 fields.

Formula One Championship Edition
Formula One Championship Edition is single player and online multiplayer racing game developed by SCE Studio Liverpool. Uniqueness of the game is improved live action racing where you are able to force alternative racers to created errors synonymous to running broad on corners, causing those to crash and more small errors that way. Resembling to its name game is completely based on F1 race having 18 tracks, 11 groups and 22 motorists for the 2006 season.

Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain is single player interactive drama game developed by Quantic Dream with Blu-ray media distribution. This game has 4 playable characters and during each element of the game players could control 1 character at a time. The Ethan mar who is an architect went into deep grief and depression after the death of his elder son Jason. Later on in this entire dramatic thriller he founds that his different son Shaun can come out to become the upcoming victim of origami killer, he attempts to do every potential thing to conserve him.

LittleBigPlanet is player produced puzzle platformer game developed by Media Molecule. This PS3 game has been appreciated for the astonishing images, presentation, sound and physics in combination with big quantity of customizable online attributes. Sackboy, Sackgirl and gender neutral Sackperson are the 3 leading center playable characters in different stories game mode.

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