Logitech Driving Force Pro Gaming Accessory Review

The Logitech Driving Force Pro is a big step up from utilizing any different wheel or controller with its 900 degree steering help, more side shifter, and greater suggestions effects. Logitech has built a competent and durable steering wheel for the PS2 and PS3. It plays certainly effectively with all the games it supports and it is very accessible at an affordable cost.

The feel of the wheel is because close to a realistic racing experience because 1 will imagine. The force suggestions device is manually modified from full force to 60% energy straight within the device. Some games can let further fine tuning of the force suggestions program.

To set up the pedal device is simple enough and it remains in region while utilizing it and it’s easy to employ. You have the ability to apply a 1/2 or 3/4 throttle instead of needing to tap the controller switch on-off-on-off to simulate. This really is a remarkable feature to be capable to do.

The sequential shifter absolutely adds a amazing aspect to Gran Turismo 4. The force suggestions offered by the Driving Force Pro is because realistic as possible ever hope for. If you are coming from a turn as you uncrank the wheel, you feel the vehicle accelerate. It also enables the minimal input essential to result in the turn properly.

The Driving Force Pro plays certainly effectively with all the games it supports but when you play you require a lot of space. You want an open outlet near you to receive the force going and you may surely require a strong table to mount this on. Playing with it on your lap only won’t do.

Even though the wheel can employ a limited tweaks to its shape, You usually like how the wheel handles for the PS2 Driving Force Gran Turismo games. The suggestions that you get within the wheel is amazing because you are able to feel different racers crashing into you. If you are driving on dirt tracks, you feel as in the event you are truly driving on a dirt track.

You may use the Driving Force Pro on your Windows XP. It is only a easy connect and play and you’re all set to go. When utilizing the force suggestions found on the wheel, and you have a game that enables contact with different players on or off the road, it has a engine inside that pushes from the wheel to provide the impression that your driving has been affected by the contact of the off-road input or the alternative players. This really is sweet.

Let’s take a consider the highlights of the Logitech PlayStation Racing Wheel:

*Comfortable, full-sized rubber grasp wheel with 900-degree steering – turns 2 1/2 occasions, lock to lock

* Switches automatically to 200-degree mode, for compatibility with different racing games

* Wheel-mounted paddle shifters, sequential stick shift along with a full set of PlayStation buttons

* State-of-the-art force suggestions technologies lets you feel all action

* Textured floorboard attributes and no-slip carpet hold program, for greater control along with a greater racing feel

The wheel is loaded with more controls that permit you to fine tune your hot rod in real time and you are able to strengthen brake bias or ratchet up the traction control.

Using the Driving Force Pro wheel with Gran Turismo 4 usually totally change the means you play the game. Instead of only pushing buttons on a standard controller, you are able to play your racing games with realism and more excitement.

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