Mobile Call Forwarding


obile phones are everywhere. Once a luxury, the cellular phone is now an accessory for almost every man woman and child. As the popularity of mobile phones has grown, more and more people are eliminating their land lines and exclusively use their cell phones. Some companies even advertise a cellular number as their businesses main contact. While the use of mobile phones is increasing within the business community, the need for mobile call forwarding has increased also.

Mobile call forwarding is the ability to take your existing mobile phone number and transfer it to another telephone number. Companies are often in need of call forwarding in order to have their mobile phones answered when they are not in the office. While call forwarding is very common for land lines, mobile call forwarding is a newer phenomenon. Until recently there wasn’t much of a need for one to forward their cell phone, as cell phones were used mostly by individuals.

Mobile Call Forwarding and Voicemail
Cellular voicemail is actually done via mobile call forwarding. The process is called no answer or busy call forwarding. The way that voicemail works on a cellular phone is that after a set amount of rings, the phone call is forwarded to another number, that number has the individual cell phone’s voicemail box attached. While most do not think of voicemail as mobile call forwarding, it is the most common form of call forwarding. Cellular voicemail is not possible without the use of call forwarding. It is an automatic feature that is invisible to the end user.

Expense of Mobile Call Forwarding
Mobile call forwarding has traditionally been a costly expense.

Many cell phone carriers charge extraordinary fees to forward the cell phone to another number. The cost of forwarding makes the possibility of sending a cell phone call to another number. While the demand has been low, the cost was high. This was originally set up as cell phone carriers tried to discourage mobile call forwarding. Yet, with the rules changing in cellular, mobile call forwarding is becoming more affordable.

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