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Mobile search has brought about a new age of accessibility. Accessing information on the go with sleek hand-held devices can be a great decision maker. Mobile search is perhaps the best used feature of mobile internet. SEO companies, pay per click services, and search engine marketing firms will also need to adapt to this new platform to optimize their services. Mobile search engines operate differently and can make SEOs jobs a little complex. The type of phone being used has an effect on the appearance of the SERP. An SEO company will now have the additional responsibility to devise content that is easily viewed on all phone types. Mobile search engines give adequate weight for websites used regularly by mobile visitors. This can hold true only when websites work well on all phone types.

 Mobile Search

Although mobile bots and indexes are different from traditional search, the principles such as title tags and heading tags remain the same. Using traditional SEO practices is considered as the best bet to enter mobile search. The content must be user-friendly and fit into the mobile users limited screen space. Experts also suggest employing XHTML coding to ensure traditional content is easy to view on hand-held devices. This process can also help feature the appropriate content on all phones and browsers. Mobile search engines also like to see differentiated content for traditional search and mobile search. This will help mobile search engines rank mobile content over traditional content. Erratic mobile content can provide a poor user experience to a mobile user. Experts therefore expect an SEO company to link both web and mobile content to ensure the user gets the right feel about a website.

A mobile specific site is a good signal to search engines about optimized content for handheld devices. Placements of links, font size and cookies will play an important role in providing a good mobile surfing experience to the mobile user. Experts also point out duplicate content risks associated with creating a copy of your client website and putting it on a subdomain. Testing the content will be an important part of rolling out the mobile search strategy. Mobile search behavior can also be a good indicator of the times to come. Some recent findings indicate:

Time and location are important factors associated with mobile search
Mobile search lasts for a short time span; finding accurate information in a short time span is very important
Limited and accurate information on user friendly mobile pages impacts use of mobile search
Device and technology constraints will define the parameters of mobile search
Lack of keyboard ease with handheld devices can limit typing and can also lead to misspellings, especially in the case of filling out forms or subscribing to services
Slow networks, long retrieval times, and lengthy content can lead to poor user experience
Mobile users have no choice of browsers and have to make do with built-in browsers

 Mobile Search

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