New technology promote mining machinery to the development of four directions

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 New technology promote mining machinery to the development of four directions

New technology promote mining machinery to the development of four directions
The developed industrial countries in the world economic competition, is mainly manufacturing technology of the competition. In different countries the composing of enterprise productivity, manufacturing technology of the general effect 55% ~ 65%,Cement mill price Japan and the Asian tigers development, to a great extent and they pay attention to manufacture technology have shut. These countries and regions will attach great importance to world high-tech patent to buy back and through the manufacturing technology, form alone, especially, high product, and take the lead capture the world market. To this, the international die association secretary-general ROM the fai think, machinery manufacturing industry must lead information science, national learn to change themselves; Information science, materials science must rely on manufacturing technology to achieve new development. In the development of the computer, the most key issue is the high concentration of large scale integrated circuit and storage device of production, they depend on the development of the manufacturing technology.
American and Japanese experts already will make science and information science, materials science, biology science as The Times together four pillar science. The United States in recent years due to lack of manufacturing science attention, make them many products less competitive. Therefore, the United States government has approved the advanced manufacturing plan will be listed as the 1996 national budget only key support of technologies, this has caused the United States, Japan, Europe in manufacturing technology on a new round of competition. Want to know machinery manufacturing, still contains another meaning. It has not in the traditional sense made the mechanical system,Rock cone crusher the so-called mechanical processing. It is the collection machinery, electronics, optical, information science, materials science, biology science, laser science, management the latest achievements for the integration of a new technology and new industry.
Many of the automatic production information need through the test to provide, the production of various kinds of failure to appear through testing to find and prevent, need to rely on the accuracy of the test to guarantee. No reliable test there can be no modernization and automation, high efficiency and high quality more no. International mould association secretary-general ROM the fai think, detection is the foundation of the development of mechanical manufacturing technology,Cement plant in order to adapt to the needs of the flexible automation, robots must have the visual system, can form of the assemblies and gesture recognition should be fitted with position and touch sensor, precise positioning and catch the grip control, automatic DaoYinChe due also and visual or acoustic emission sensor, travel to find may be met in the obstacles. Laser process itself is a “blind process”, it only processing a point, in order to get the shape, need through the test to controlVibrating feeder, laser processing is a kind of erosion process, and its form need through the sensor detection and control. Laser processing is able to realize the, the key point is that the sensor.
The mechanical characteristics of the development of manufacturing industry and trends
The current machinery manufacturing technology not only in its information processing and control using microelectronics technology, computer technology, laser processing technology, in processing mechanism, cutting process and the use of the cutting tools and the modern penetrates the high technology and new technology, no longer originally in the sense of “mechanical processing”. Such as laser processing, through the control beam and the relative motion of the workpiece, can be in a machine processing the holes, grooveSingle toggle jaw crushers, 2 d and 3 d surface various shapes, complete drilling, milling, boring and so on the movement, it in the early 21 st century may cause mechanical processing of a new revolution. Laser cutting, welding, cutting, forming and laser rapid find is, laser measurement technology, such as in the automobile industry has been extensively, and have great economic benefits.
Today, will mechanical processing is divided into cutting processing and a chipless machining has not exactly. In the 1990 s, and invented a rapid forming processing method. By ultraviolet light from a laser by optical system gathered to a fine beams of lighCombination crushert, to put in the tank of liquid plastic to draw Saul. This kind of plastic can use ultraviolet the laser GuangHuaZuoYong make its surface solidify. According to the need of the size and shape of the manufacturing parts, the computer control, just in the form parts entity place exposure, liquid plastics container with the table can be stepping lateral movement and lifting movement. In laser scanning movement and the lateral movement with the laser scanning place form a thin layer of the cured film. Each finished cleaning a plane, workbench fell 0.05 mm. Such layers of plastic according to regulations of curing shapes graphics, can be made into any complex parts, this method is to work with the future direction of the one.
Many developed countries of the scholars, experts said of the production process flexibility and agilization, intelligence, and information, pointed out that machinery manufacturing engineers should master and comprehensive utilization engineering mathematics, laser learn, laser electronic technology, computer technology and cybernetics, biology, materials sciencRock crushere, management science, humanities, high technology and new technology, the scientific will change the face of the machinery manufacturing, and mechanical manufacturing technology and the development of the science to provide new tools, further promoting the development of science.
The current characteristics of the development of Chinese mechanical manufacturing is the comprehensive utilization of modern high-tech, the trend of modernization is: the flexibility and agility, intelligence and the information.
(1) flexibility: make the process equipment and process route can be applicable to the production of products need, can apply to rapidly changing technology, change the need of products;
(2) agilization: make products to market for the shortest possible time to prepare shrinkage, make machinery factory mechanism to flexible steering;
(3) intelligent: flexible automation important constituent, it is the new development of the flexible automation and extension. Human not only to get rid of the heavy manual work, but also from the complicated computing, analyzing and mental work liberate, so that more energy is engaged in high level of creative work. Intelligent promote flexibility, it makes the production system has better judgment and adaptability. At present, the upgrading of products will be to speed up, all kinds of requires increased. According to the us, Japan and Europe and other developed countries statistics, 1975 ~ 1995 gave the kinds of machine parts increased 40% ~ 50%, 75% ~ 85% of workers don’t deal directly with material, turn and information deal with. 80% to 88% of the activity does not directly increase the added value of the products, product process, organization and management became more complex. The design, process and so on a work to complete the order for user accounts for more than 60% of the total time. On the other hand, in the fierce competition in the market, delivery and product quality often plays a more important role than price. Agilization already is in mechanical manufacturing of before major issue. In the technology to realize the flexible, in production organization to achieve change, these are all mechanical manufacturing enterprise the urgent great things;
(4) information: mechanical manufacturing will no longer is the material and energy produce

 New technology promote mining machinery to the development of four directions

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