OEM vs. Aftermarket Products

There’s little doubt why this phone was a right away success; no other Android smartphone is quite like it. Something else that this device has going for it is its large number of accessories. For popular accessories like a case or a screen protector, the sheer quantity of selection will be downright overwhelming. Another problem with these accessories is their price tags. They’re certainly not low-cost, which leaves many shoppers contemplating merchandise from third-party accessory manufacturers. These merchandise do not have the premium that the OEM or HTC-branded products do. But is the savings worth it?

The simple answer to that question is sure, it usually is worth the savings to purchase third-party aftermarket accessories. In fact, in the real world, solutions aren’t easy and there are buts involved. Let’s take into account what we know about an HTC-branded product. It has the HTC seal of approval and that means we can depend on a certain level of quality. We also know that with an HTC-branded item such as a case, the manufacturer has designed it specifically for the product that we own. Lastly, we all know that there is a premium for that seal of approval.

Keep in mind that terms like aftermarket and third party do not point out inferior quality. Actually, in some circumstances, HTC is stamping their name on a third-party product. In which case, the only difference is price. It is also essential to recognize that some highly respected manufacturers do nothing but make aftermarket equipment for different companies’ smartphones. The flipside is that there are plenty of smaller firms out there making an attempt to cash in with cheaply made products. So the important thing then is to target those companies who’ve earned a positive reputation. Don’t just gamble.

Something else to remember is the difference between terms like branded, brand-specific and universal. Branded is an accessory that HTC has put their name on. Brand- or model-specific indicates an accessory that the producer has designed for a particular smartphone or class of smartphones. It might or may not be HTC branded. Universal indicates that the product will work with all smartphones or an entire class of smartphones. Many accessory makers sell universal display screen protectors. Different universal products, such as, are typically inferior to brand-specific products.

Making a superb choice is all about proper research. Do not risk it hoping to get fortunate because there are simply too many shoddy products on the market. If you are going to shop that way then you’re much better off simply paying the premium for the original items. So if you discover an item you want at a good value, research the brand. If the company is earning dissatisfied prospects, then you’ll find them on-line because dissatisfied prospects love to talk about their dissatisfaction. If you find yourself only saving a few dollars, then it could just be worth it to buy the HTC product unless you are on an especially tight budget.

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