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Online games are becoming more and more popular. When the internet first arrived it was not long before online games technology became more advanced as users sought more ways to entertain themselves online. Initially, internet connections were slow and users were frustrated by a lack of game quality and ease at which they could download or play games online.

However, now that technology has moved forward, and with broadband penetration being some 79% in UK alone (Neilsen Netratings) people are finding games with more quality and greater ease of play, and are using them more often to pass away any spare time.

Flash has proved to be one important technology that has helped drive the popularity of games online. It is a lightweight application that has become standard, allowing a game developer to offer medium to high complexity games. Designs, animation and application user interfaces are deployed immediately across all popular web browsers and platforms, providing a rich web experience.

Flash game sites are high in number and all provide a varied range of games to entice users to the site. Sports games, action games and adventure games but to name a few. And of course the most important element is that flash games are mostly free, and download time is minimal. In fact it is also possible that most flash games do no require a download, but can be played via the web site itself.

Games are a good way to pass away a few spare moments while at your computer. If you are at the office waiting for some work to arrive, or during a lunch break have a spare half an hour, then why not try downloading a flash game.

Flash is the technology that is also powering most online poker, casino and bingo games. One of the more popular flash games of the last year has proved to be online bingo with some $ 2 billion USD wagered in 2006.

Parlay, the World’s leading bingo flash game supplier, provides a flash bingo game for over 40% of bingo operators across the globe. Its popular bingo product has many features which provide a good interactive experience for bingo players, while allowing them to play for free or for real cash money. It offers a 75 ball and a 90 number bingo game, with chat room interaction and many other features.

This flash bingo game can be found on many bingo network sites, like St Minver’s International Bingo Network. The advantage of this flash game is that is requires no download, and is free to join in.

Flash games are also a way of driving traffic to your website. How many times a week do we all receive a html link to a promotion which, when clicked, takes us to a flash game or flash video advertisement, promoting a new product or element of a website. These are called viral campaigns and are used by many search engine companies to entice people to a website.

Traditionally it was men who played online games the most. We all know the stereotypical young man sat at his computer for hours on end, joystick in hand, aiming to conquer whatever enemy the game can throw at him.

Well now web sites, and particularly gaming web sites, are proving more popular for women. Some 85% of players online are female, with women over the age of 40 spending 50% more time playing online games than men (recent AOL study). Perhaps this is due to the type of games that are available, or perhaps because women have more access to computers in their daily careers, undertaking more office or secretarial roles which tend to give sporadic moments of free time at the computer.

The versatility of flash is there to be seen, and with more advantages in technology, and more games like bingo targeting a female audience, the future for online games looks to be rosy.

Written by Morgan Collins for St Minver Ltd a Bingo Games provider for brands wishing to launch online bingo. Article may be reproduced in full but links must be retained

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