Playstation 3: The Blu-ray Player

Article by Stephan Smith

 Playstation 3: The Blu ray Player

All around, the Sony Playstation 3 is a complete home entertainment system for your entire household. With the system, you will be able to play Playstation, Playstation 2, and of course Playstation 3 games. Besides being able to play games that date back generations, to games that are the most technologically advance with 1080p high-definition, the Playstation 3 serves another function and another purpose. A purpose that’s worth its weight in gold. The Sony Playstation 3 is a Blu-ray Player!But how does the Playstation 3 compare to a standard Blu-ray Player?The Playstation 3, compared to a stand alone Blu-ray player, has one massive advantage. Price! A standard Blu-ray player can cost anywhere around $ 850 dollars to a whopping $ 1,300 dollars. It is obvious that the average person won’t be able to afford such a steep price. Here is one reason why the Playstation 3 comes into its own. Priced at $ 499 dollars to $ 599 dollars, the Playstation 3 is by far the cheapest and most affordable Blu-ray player to date. Allowing a boarder audience to enjoy high-definition Blu-ray movies from the comfort of their homes.What about quality, functionality and is the Playstation 3 easy to use as a Blu-ray Player?With some of the more state of the art technologies, the Playstation 3 could be considered better than all the Blu-ray players on the market today. From the moment you turn it on and insert a Blu-ray movie via the front loading disc drive, you will be blown away and surprised at the picture quality this little box provides. On average the Playstation 3 turns on and loads up a Blu-ray movie in about 22 seconds, which is highly impressive. Using the wireless gaming control or the soon to be released Playstation 3 remote controller, navigating throughout the Blu-ray movies enjoyable and easy to learn.Playstation 3: The Blu-ray PlayerSony has made a wise decision to integrate Blu-ray into their system. The Playstation 3 is hundreds of dollars cheaper even if you decide to purchase Sony Playstation 3 remote, which is estimated to cost around $ 30 dollars. Even before the release of the Playstation 3, Blu-ray movie sales continued to increase as time goes on. Playstation 3 is the total package, so go out and get one.

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 Playstation 3: The Blu ray Player

default Playstation 3: The Blu ray Player

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