Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death Fix ? Learn to Fix PS3 YLOD by Yourself

The Playstation 3 yellow light of death is rather suitably named! When you’re in to turn on your console and watch that very little yellow light flip to somewhat of a blinking red light it is rather frustrating. People press the button repeatedly trying to get the system as well, however it does no good. The solution they get is to change their console but they are wrong.

Rather, the PS3 yellow light of death is usually a fixable problem! Who says a new console won’t develop the same Playstation 3 yellow light problem, so you can’t continually replace it repeatedly.

For this reason game enthusiasts are now looking toward the internet to come across fast, easy, and affordable fixes for that Ps3 yellow light issue. Before you decide to determine which of these fixes is good for you, set aside a second to consider what can be causing the problem in the first place.

In many instances, your flashing yellow light of death of PS3 is the result of internal failures due to overheating.

The Playstation 3 yellow light problem develops when you notice your console is very hot to touch.

Well, you can try a couple quick fixes like;

Unplugging the console in the wall for 30 minutes, then plug it again.

Removing the hard drive and replacing it.

Checking almost all wires and connections on your ps3.

If you get a hard drive from somebody else that has a ps3, you can quickly determine if replacing the hard drive would fix yellow light of death problem. In many instances, you might want to send the console directly into Sony if more damage is done or figure out how to fix the Playstation 3 yellow light blinking problem yourself.

Doing it all on your own is much faster and costs less. A number of online programs offer follow along video tutorials and in less than an hour you are true with the repair.

Let me tell you can actually learn how to fix PS3 YLOD yourself? Freezes on your console are due to yellow lights of death. Go through this PS3 Lights Fix to get your ps3 up and running within 1 hour!

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