Proven Ways to Fix Xbox 360 Red Lights

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by talios

If your Xbox begins to show you three red lights flashing around the power button, then you have just come across the Red Ring of Death. This is dubbed so because there are four quadrants of lights around the power button that should all be colored green when the system is operating normally. If these lights change to red, then you have a serious problem with your Xbox, especially with three lights. Three red lights mean that there is a hardware failure. Do not be dismayed because there is an available way to fix Xbox 360 red lights for you. There are common solutions to this because this does not always indicate that there really is a system failure.

First, check if your screen shows errors in multiple languages. If this is the case, then a way to fix Xbox 360 red lights that is recommended first is to allow the unit to cool. Xbox 360 consoles have motherboards and processors and these two things may overheat. If these overheat, then the console will not function properly. This is the main reason why you need to play the Xbox, or any computer console for that matter, in well ventilated and air-conditioned rooms. Avoid placing the Xbox in places that do not promote good heat dissipation such as TV racks, bed, sofa, and cabinets.

Our next step to fix Xbox 360 red lights is to unplug all cables and wires. System failure is commonly caused by wiggly cables and wires. Make sure that they are attached firmly where they are supposed to be and reboot the console. You system should be working well by now.

Lastly, try the towel method to fix Xbox 360 red lights. Get a damp towel and place it on the console to help it cool down. You see, the main cause of this problem is overheating so the solution is to have balanced temperature.

If these things still do not work, take your console to the electronics repair shop.

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