Ps3 Consoles – Nice Improvement

 Ps3 Consoles   Nice Improvement

I decided to go with the new PS3 Consolesslim and didnt even realize it was out yet, it really did creep in under the radar and I thought it was just a rumor, including the 299 dollar price tag. Well I decided heck why not, got my 80 gig big ole finger print scratch ridden version and took it to gamestop where I got 150 bucks towards this one. Sweet. One of the major reasons I like this version so well is that when someone said, hey bring over your PS3 ConsolesI no longer have to cringe and worry about it getting smudged and scratched to death.

Also it weighs about the same but has a cheaper plastic feel, is that bad? No not really but here are the pros and cons, pretty much same as the old version.

Nice new, plastic, graphite type texture.
Doesnt show finger prints, or scratches nearly as bad, although the sides and disc tray area are still shiney.
The new power buttons are cool, not touch sensitive anymore.
Better 1.3 HDMI output, colors arent as dull on some games now.
More power efficient. U can actually use your PS2 slim plug if u lose yours.
120gb, with the new 299$ price tag. Will it improve sales, mmm doubtful, still lots of PS3 Consoleshaters out there.
Same great blu-ray player-best on the market.
Has a new music intro when you start up the system, (nothing major though).

STILL no backwards compatibility.(Just PS1 games)
No stand yet for it to be put upright, but really I like it better setting down.
Does run very hot compared to the bigger models, time will tell if it becomes an issue.
Even though the new casing is nice it does feel cheap(er), great power on eject buttons feel the same.

Actually that about it, still the same system all PS3 Consolesowners know and love just smaller, a lower price, bigger drive, better HDMI output, and takes less power to run.

So if you want one get it, but be fast from what i’ve heard these versions are to see how well it sells, but don’t quote me on that, supposedly if they don’t sell well, the regular 80 gig will remain, and the 160gb will stay at 399. That the rumor. So if your tired of lugging around the big ole boy to your friends house, get this one, its not really a lot lighter but it is thinner and less bulky. Also as I said no prints and scratches to worry about. I just wouldn’t be setting anything on it, or letting it get stepped on or hit by your kids. So is the PS3 Consolesslim worth it, yep sure is, same great play, less filling.

PS-The smaller the system the harder it is to cool, especially a system with 7 cell processing engines. So hopefully whatever is inside will do the trick, and trust in sony way more than XBOX. See ya.

 Ps3 Consoles   Nice Improvement

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