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Our Rainbow is an interactive kid’s book. Young children will be able to listen as the book is read out loud with a motherly enthusiastic narration. Pages will also have interactive characters that add to the storyline. Kids will be able to touch the characters to play additional audio clips. Each page is bright and colorful, designed to be attention getting and engaging. The rabbit characters within the story are loveable and friendly.


The application has a simple layout that allows small fingers to navigate easily. Kids will keep coming back to this app for entertainment. Toddlers may be most suited to enjoy this app. The narration with on screen text will begin their understanding of word association. The graphics visually complement the narration. This will help children gain an understanding of what the words mean. Establishing the cognitive relationships between words, graphics, and actions will help children grow.


The story itself encourages creativity by providing an imaginary explanation of where rainbows come from. The colorful bunnies explore the appearance of a bright light after a rain shower. They try to determine where is light came from and discover that they have a power of their own. The power of color. The different colored rabbits share equally in the discussion and fun. The interactive audio clips add to the personality of each bunny. The curious nature of the rabbits encourages discovery in children. It?s important that children explore, discover, and learn their word.


Parents will be able to hand this app to their children and know that it will be safe and entertained.

TouchActionApps focuses on Entertaining and Engaging Children. We understand the concerns that parents have with apps designed for children. We are continuously working to improve our apps and appreciate all suggestions from parents. Our own children provided some of the bunny voice over audio clips.


App Link:- http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/our-rainbow/id522576648?ls=1&mt=8


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