Rent Playstation 3

Article by Maury Popovic

To receive video games on rent delivered at your doorstep is a relatively new service that has seen a spurt in its operation in the recent months. As the Internet has brought almost everything within a few clicks of the mouse, the option to rent Playstation 3 games has become an easy way out to save money and yet enjoy the favorite games of yours. All you have to do is to visit the website of the particular video game rental service, select the titles available in their online library and request those titles to be delivered. In other words, these online video game rental services have evolved from the VCR and DVD movie rental services that you could remember seeing in your locality. Now-a-days, some traditional video stores such as Blockbuster offer video games on rent to the home is the leading name in the field of online game rental services. With a wide variety of games to choose from that includes PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, Xbox, GameCube, DS and GBA, Wii and other hot titles, this online store has about 6000 titles covering all platforms. Among the various gaming consoles where you can play games, Playstation 3 which had its first release in Japan on November 11, 2006 is the craze these days.This home video game console is the most advanced among the others and had undergone several revisions in the available models since its first release. It is no wonder that the Playstation 3 games are considered the yardstick to judge how popular a particular video game given on rent is. If you are impressed with PS3 games after reading this and have decided to rent Playstation 3 games, you may have your pick from the following popular games:Metal Gear Solid 4:With an elegant online mode, over 70 weapons and unlockable rewards, this classic stealth-shooter game has a detailed plot and magnificent graphics. Once you have finished the basic single-player level, the quality of this game will keep you hooked for months. If you have ever appreciated a stealth game, a shooter, or a game packed with action, you should not miss this.Grand Theft Auto 4:With installations that speed up the loading screens along with superior quality graphics, this game is for those who would love to slam their fire trucks into dirt bikes.Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune:With fascinating level designs, lush scenes of the jungle and swashbuckling action that would even make the treasure-hunt of Indiana Jones or Lara Croft look like kids’ stuff, this game of Nathan Drake’s adventure is worth your money. You may even wait to rent some upcoming Playstation 3 games like The Agency (where the players can assume the position of secret agents), inFamous (an action title belonging to the sandbox category), Killzone2 (which allows one to play the role of a sci-fi shooter), God of War III (that is inspired by Greek mythology) or MAG: Massive Action Game (a multi-player shooter game that allows 256 players to play at the same time).Rent Playstation 3 parts for playstation 3

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