Save Time And Money With An Xbox 360 Repair Guide

Article by Jack Bush

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to pay a visit to any of Microsoft’s live Xbox forums, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the typical complaints found there. Most involve poor service from customer representatives, very long repair times, and repairs that are improperly done or not done at all. It has many Xbox 360 gamers wishing for good Xbox 360 repair guides.

Many may not realize it but complaints about the Xbox 360 game systems began coming into Microsoft right after the system was released to market in 2005. Evidently, no one was paying attention because Microsoft continued to sell the systems like hotcakes. It’s estimated that they have sold over 6 million Xbox 360 systems since the initial release, and complaints have been coming in proportionately. In response, Microsoft has increased the length of its warranty. This has not satisfied all complaining customers because the warranty only applies to the problem with the three red blinking lights, or as it is otherwise known, “The Red Ring of Death.”

This red ring of death indicates a complete hardware failure, and it seems that it occurs quite frequently. Microsoft continues to receive Xbox 360 at its repair centers, but because of the volume, received more complaints that service time is extensive taking as much as four to eight weeks. Customer frustration has been exacerbated by the fact that Microsoft initially indicated that repair turnaround time would be more like ten days. Independent Xbox 360 repair guides would seem to be the solution to this impasse.

If you need to send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft for repairs, the process goes something like this. You call customer service and describe the problem. If they agree to fix it, they send you a box with pre-paid shipping costs. You then package up the system and send it off to Microsoft. They either fix or replace the system and return it to you.

The long delays at the Microsoft service centers have caused many Xbox 360 owners to attempt to repair their systems on their own. As with the repairs requests seen at the Microsoft centers, the owners are usually trying to fix the red ring of death problem. Because this problem is so common, a wide range of repair options and Xbox 360 3 red light fix guides have become available on the Internet, and most Xbox 360 gamers are visiting these sites for possible solutions. Surprisingly, many of these sites offer Xbox 360 free repair guides that are quite helpful.

Usually, these Xbox 360 repair guides are written by other ardent Xbox 360 gamers who have experienced the problems and have found ways to fix them. Many guides are excellent step-by-step processes with some really excellent photographs to help you through each step. These Xbox 360 repair guides tell you what tools you’ll need, show you how to safely open the Xbox 360 case, and how to avoid further damaging your system.

Finding and using one of these Xbox 360 free repair guides can save you a great deal of time and money, especially if your system is no longer under warranty. Having this information will give you a certain level of independence from Microsoft.

If you don’t want to give 0 to Microsoft service center or wait for 2 months to How to Fix Your Xbox 360. Here is your step by step Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix Guide. Read the James Dean’s Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Review for more…

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