Simple Internet Security Precautions

With the advent of the internet, more and more opportunities spurred up including but not limited to online banking, online shopping, e-commerce, even social networking and online dating. Hence; it is vital that we know how to protect our online personal and business profile because hackers are out there seeking new technologies to get personal information and use it to illegal transactions. Buying and selling online is one of the top transactions that you will need to be watchful to. There are special plug-in to these websites to hide your personal information and it is in your discretion to make sure that you are engaging only in websites like these.

Some online criminals are also into identity theft and create another profile like yours to be used in illegal transactions or even online sexual predation whereas somebody else is pretending to be you to engage others specially nave women offering online and/or physical jobs only to fall as sex slaves.

There are ways to make minimize if not totally stop hacking your personal information and these tips are practical ones and a lot easy to apply.

1.Make sure that you have installed a reliable firewall in your computers.
2.Install an effective anti-virus in your computer. There are reputable anti-virus out there like Avast, kaspersky, Norton. Evaluate your needs and choose the best one that suits you. This is good in detecting different kinds of malware and prevent them from further invasion.
3.Avoid entering maliscious sites because its a definite source of virus that will enter your computer.
4.Install IDS or Intrusion Detection System, this serves as your inspector for traffic coming to you and should there be unauthorized IPs or parties trying to enter your computer you will be notified accordingly.
5.Be vigilant in giving out your personal information in your different social networking profiles. Leaked information may be used to crack your credit card, paypal and the likes.
6.Do not just easily click pop-ups because it may be a trap leading to malwares and other threats.
7.Most importantly, be a responsible internet user and educate others especially the young ones on the benefits of the internet as well as its threats.

Internet is perhaps one of the top technological innovation and its a great tool that boost the economy and if youre one of the aspiring business owners it is a must to learn simple small business internet security.

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