Small Printers: A Review of the Brother MW-120 Mobile Printer

Some persons will need printing on little paper models, and occasionally utilizing a big printer to print on a tiny part of paper is hard. You don’t recognize how to feed the paper and on which position it ought to be located for the printer to print on it correctly. In these situations, it will be fantastic to have a little printer that’s tailored precisely for that cause. If tiny printers are what you want, then you need to go and visit the Brother MW-120 Mobile Printer. It’s a tiny but well practical and good quality printing device that is focused on make good printed output on A7 size forms. If you’re attracted to utilizing this size of forms, then this might be the most perfect device for you. Here is an in-depth review of the product.


This is a pretty little printer, and you’d not think that it’s a printer at initial glance. It looks more like a hard drive or alternative device, and it has a surprisingly compact and handheld build. Its dimensions are 6.3” x 3.9” x 0.7” and it weighs a mere 11 ounces, completely handy and effortless to travel with. It also offers an integrated rechargeable power that adds to its functionality because you are able to charge it and bring it anywhere you go. You are able to keep it in your computer bag, in your bag, in the car, or carry it by hand.

The sleek silver case of the device keeps it lookin advantageous despite continual weathering, but you really need to be cautious in carrying and utilizing the device because it happens to be rather tiny and it may be conveniently damaged when dropped or subjected to impact. The case could furthermore show dents and stains conveniently thus you need to make sure you take superior care of it.

Printing and Other Functions

Because it’s a especially little device, you are able to just print on A7 forms utilizing this printer. There are few little printers with this form of functionality, thus if you’re particularly interested in an A7 paper printer, this might be the answer for all your desires. This model has infrared connectivity to print wallet size pictures from infrared-enabled equipment like cell phones. It is also associated to the computer with a USB cable, generating it a fast device. The maximum resolution of the printed output that this model could make is 300×300 dpi.

You could print about 4 pages per minute with just standard text utilizing the ThermalPlus M printer from Brother. The printer utilizes an automatic feed program along with a paper cassette for keeping paper. Using the device while completely charged, you are able to print to a maximum of 100 pages continuously.

Other Features

This device has an automatic energy off feature which automatically shuts off the device after 15 minutes, permitting you to conserve a great deal of power. It also offers an optional serial port that you may use for additional connectivity, although you want a separate cable for that because the package doesn’t include the cable.


It’s hard to locate little printers that really can supply the services that you precisely want within the device, but in the event you want a printer that may make great output on A7 size forms, then your Brother MW-120 Mobile Printer is the number one printer for you. I recommend this printer for those who require a good quality device to print on little pieces of paper for company cards, receipts, flash cards, and other printouts of the synonymous size.

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