Software Inspections – Code Review and Peer Reviews

Article by Tom Greaves

 Software Inspections   Code Review and Peer Reviews

The two main areas of software inspection are code review and peer reviews, both are unique and have different levels of efficiency. Recent studies suggest peer reviews are more efficient and cost effective, however this has not been fully confirmed. This article takes a look at the two processes in some detail in an attempt to establish a conclusion.

Code review is usually carried out as a special inspection in which a team of people will examine a portion of code and endeavor to remedy any defects within it.

A defect in a code review can simply be classed as a block of code which does not fully meet its requirements or which does not function as the programmer had initially intended, it could even be code that simply needs improving.

These teams, as well as fixing code can also be a great tool for improving the skills of developers and act as an ideal training ground to help junior programmers learn and implement new techniques.

Peer reviews are usually considered the industry best practice for finding and fixing software defects early and learning abut software artifacts. Software walkthroughs and software inspections make up an integral part of the software engineering process. In order to produce the most efficient peer code reviews it is suggested a collection of knowledge, skills, and behaviors are used in corollary to each other.

There are select elements of peer code review that make up the structured process, standard of excellence product checklists, defined roles and forms and reports should all be included.

Software inspections are the most aggressive form of peer code reviews and will always fully implement all elements in finding defects in software. Software walkthroughs differ in nature and draw selectively upon the elements in assisting the producer to obtain the the widest understanding of a block of code and reaching an agreement between all participants.

All research has shown that peer reviews produce the most return on investment due to fast learning and the early detection of defects. The best results of peer review become apparent when reviews are brought forward within an organization through a defined program of preparation, training practitioners and managers, defining metrics and completing a database structure, and fully sustaining the roll out infrastructure.

It seems clear in todays world that on the topic of code review a more modern form of peer review simply out classes the more traditional formal review.

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 Software Inspections   Code Review and Peer Reviews

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