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Podcasting: How to Make a Video Podcast

by Scott Beale

Although Apple had nothing to do with all the podcasting development, the iPod and podcasting promptly became connected. With the advent of the iPod Video, podcasting entered a complete hot level. Then, over the normal sound broadcasts, ambitious movie machines may additionally share their function with all the planet.

So how do you go about creating your movie podcast? To create it simpler on you, utilize a digital video camera. If you have an analog video camera, it’s nevertheless potential to convert the footage to digital structure but it adds another step to the task. So presuming you have a digital video camera, what do you do?

First, take terrific footage. Naturally, generating a movie is not just shooting. Create a concept and create it advantageous. If you have finalized your tips, it really is time to shoot. When taking your shots, bear in your mind your target media – the iPod. The little screen are not capable to display too various details so it is very a wise decision to receive close when shooting. Do not use the wide-screen mode but utilize the standard mode rather. Optimize bandwidth and power energy by shooting many brief segments rather of 1 full-length movie. Edit! Small screen watching will likely not show text clearly unless they are big enough. Additionally bear in your mind that quick motion and excellent compare may not show rather clearly found on the tiny screen.

Now that you have your movie, it’s time to compress it. This should be performed thus that the movie is optimized for internet and iPod watching. There are different methods that you can do this. If you have a MAC, it’s no fuss. You are able to compress and export your movie utilizing iMovie HD6 by clicking the following: FILE>Export>iPod>Share. It’s because convenient because that – the program automatically converts the file and shares it on iTunes. For PC consumers, you are able to additionally utilize QuickTime Pro, variation 7.0.3 or high. Again, just click Export > Utilizing Quick Time Conversion. The resulting *.m4v file is the 1 you’ll upload to your internet host. Other choices are Sorenson Squeeze and Spasm Software’s Podner.

Describe or tag your film. This really is important as all of the info you supply is the basis of looking later. This really is how your movie is found and singled out, from all movie podcasts available. If you’re utilizing the newest iMovie variation, all you ought to do is drag the file onto iTunes and click on the Info Tab. Then enter the required info. You are able to also change the filename. For PC consumers, create an XML document.