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Digital Audio File Formats – Lossy Vs. Lossless

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by MacMan-2256

We’ve come a long way from toting around cases of cassette tapes for our vehicles. While there’s part of us that never wants to let go of that mix tape, or that Van Halen or Madonna collection, you can’t ignore the fact that we’ve gone digital. Analog still has its place, even if it’s just to revisit old times, but most of the audio and music we deal with now is in a digital format.

 Digital Audio File Formats   Lossy Vs. Lossless

Not all digital audio is the same however; not only can it be found in variable compression formats but because we deal in so many different types of technology and how that data is read, there are numerous digital audio formats.

Those digital audio formats, also referred to as codecs (MP3, WMA, AAC, AIFF, etc.) are grouped into two different categories; Lossless and Lossy. Regardless of where it’s grouped however, a codec is named such because of its overall function. Codec= compression + decompression of music into digital audio files.

Working with Lossless Codecs

With Lossless Codecs, every bit of the musical data and information that forms the overall audio file is maintained and preserved upon compression. That data is then stored for retrieval. When compared to other audio, lossless codecs offers up the highest audio fidelity with the crispest digital sound.

The unfortunate downside is that the files they create can become expansive and rather large. Depending on the size of your music server or drive, you could be limited with the number of songs you can store. As technology continues to advance however this is becoming less of an issue. Terabyte external drives and small portable drives and players exceeding 500 gigabytes will have little problem with storage capacity.

The most common Lossless Codecs:

Windows Media Lossless – this codec is built into newer versions of Windows Media Player software from Microsoft and is widely supported by a number of other media adapter systems.

Apple Lossless – Of course Microsoft has its competitor in Apple. This codec is included in the iTunes software and the Apple Lossless Encoder is their answer to the Windows Media Lossless.

Free Lossless Audio codec (FLAC) – Wherever there is something commercial there can often be found something free. As the name implies the FLAC is a codec that is free on the digital market. It’s widely supported, and a few of the audio players that support the free codec includes the Sonos Digital Music System and Slim Devices (of course there are numerous others).

Working with Lossy Codecs:

When you’re dealing with data compression, you can expect some loss of data. Lossy codecs discard some of the music information intentionally in order to reduce the size of the audio file. This is done for a variety of reasons including the reduction of overall size in order to allow more digital files to be stored. Likewise, size reduction makes it easy to move files over the web. To the human ear, listening to the music on a run of the mill audio system won’t reveal much difference. If you play the sound through a quality sound or home theater system you can begin to pick up the subtle difference in quality and tone.

The most common Lossy Codecs:

MP3 – Also known as MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (Motion Picture Experts Group). As the concept of digital music grew, it was the mp3 that took over as the preferred format due to the great compression ratio. Because of its widespread acceptance, it’s the most common digital music codec on PC’s and digital music systems. Most equipment including Compact Disc players and digital file recorders/players are designed to read this codec. Proof is in the fact that most people refer to portable music devices “Mp3 players”.

WMA – Windows Media Audio is the standard audio format used on the Windows operating system and Windows Media Player as well as compatible hardware. While it’s possible to use a lossless version of WMA, most files use and rely on lossy compression systems.

AAC – While most audio formats can be read across different systems, even Mac, Apple Computers iTunes Store uses the Advanced Audio Codec (AAC) as the default codec for music that’s been encoded using the iTunes app. Like Windows Media Audio, AAC files fall under the Lossy category. You can however access a lossless codec within the iTunes system known as Apple Lossless.

Other Common Formats

WAV files were a common format among PC users in the 90′s and are still a widely used format. The quality of a .wav file is equivalent to that of a Compact Disc and is used by many audio professionals when recording and editing music. The downside is that .wav files are lossless and as such the files are very large in size. A .wav file is about 10 megabytes for every minute of audio, making it a poor choice when storing many songs on a small capacity audio player.

Like .wav files popular for PC users, the .aiff format is a popular lossless format for the Apple user. The format was developed by Apple in 1988 in conjunction with Electronic Arts and was widely used on the Amiga systems and Mac computers. Like .wav files, standard .aiff is used on the professional level with audio and video apps and, like .wav files, it is uncompressed leading to large files.

Choosing a codec

Which codec you ultimately choose depends on a few factors including where you get your music, the device you play your music on and of course your personal preference. Although most stores sold WMA and AAC formats because of the ability to digitally protect the files with DRM (digital rights management) encoding. most stores nowadays have switched to the more generic MP3 audio file. MP3 files are not protected but are generally lesser quality files.

If you have a high quality sound system with high storage capacity you’ll likely enjoy the fidelity offered by lossless codecs. If you pipe music through your stereo system from a computer you’ll need to give some consideration to the software you use, as many have a limited number of supported codecs.

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Weekly Focal Tech News in Pictures: June 6 ? 12, 2011

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by PLCMC training account

Let’s take a look at the focal tech news from June 6 to 12, 2011 that were center of attention last week.

 Weekly Focal Tech News in Pictures: June 6 ? 12, 2011


Big Things Unveiled at WWDC 2011

At the Worldwide Developers Conference 2011 taking place from June 6 to 10 in San Francisco, US, a series of big things were unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his fellow executives.

The first was Apple iCloud that allows users to store documents, calendars, contacts, photos and music online as well as distribute them to other devices including Macs, iPads, iPhones and Windows PCs.

In addition, the introductions about roaring new features of iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion strongly attract attention of not only experts but also consumers.

The iCloud is free and users can get 5 GB of storage for documents

The Mac OS X Lion will be available for download through the Mac App Store with $ 30


Angela Voelkert Uses Fake Teen Facebook Profile to Trick Ex

Angela Voelkert from India secretly tricked her soon-to-be ex-husband, David by creating a fake teen Facebook profile and using it as an effective way to make friend with him.

David confessed to his “girl” through Facebook that he planted a GPS tracking device on his wife’s van to pinpoint where she would go and asked her to find any gang-banger, “taking care of” his wife for $ 10,000.

The fake Facebook profile of 29-year-old Angela Voelkert


HTC Sensation Gets WiFi and Bluetooth Signal Loss

Several tests done by Nordic Hardware showed that the mostly metal unibody aluminum rear case cover for the HTC Sensation is behind the signal loss for WiFi and Bluetooth radios. This is a little bit same to the Apple iPhone 4’s case in 2010.

If the HTC Sensation is placed horizontally on a flat palm of a user’s hand, there is noticeable signal loss


Ninja Crashes Stolen Car into Apple Store

A thief wearing as a Ninja and driving a stolen Honda Accord crashed the vehicle into the plate-glass front of an Apple Store in Greensboro, North Carolina with the aim at stealing expensive devices from the store. However, he then felt scared and ran away without taking anything.

Fortunately, a security guard in the store was not hurt in the incident


A Woman Gets Tattoos of 152 Facebook Friends

A YouTube user Suzyj87 posted a video that captured the process she tattooed the photos of her 152 Facebook friends on her arm on YouTube. The video immediately attracted nearly two million viewers. Suzyj8 shared she got permission from her Facebook friends and loves the look so much. In early 2011, rapper T-Pain also tattooed Facebook signal’s “Like” on his arm.

Suzyj87 tattooed the photos of her 152 Facebook friends on her arm

The “Like” tattoo on rapper T-Pain’s arm


WWDC 2011: Focal Tech News in Pictures: June 6 – 12, 2011


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Jason Ford works as a web developer and an editor of a weekly technology magazine. With the passion in technology, he has published numerous articles to provide readers reliable information about technology products and hot technology events around the world.

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How The Computer?s Graphical User Interface Was Introduced

2871183581 a0354ae107 m How The Computer?s Graphical User Interface Was Introduced
by Nic’s events


Throughout the computer’s history designers have been developing, with varying degrees of success, other human-computer interaction methods that utilize more general, widespread, and easier-to-learn capabilities: voice and handwriting. Systems that recognize human speech and handwriting now exist, although they still lack the universalityand richness of typed input.

In the 1970s, another dialog alternative surfaced. Research at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center provided an alternative to the typewriter — an interface that uses a form of human gesturing, the most basic of all human communication methods.

The Xerox systems Altus and STAR introduced the mouse and pointing and selecting as the primary human-computer communication method. The user simply pointed at thescreen, using the mouse as an intermediary. These systems also introduced the graphical user interface as we know it today. Ivan Sutherland from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is given credit for first introducing graphics with his Sketchpad program in 1963. Lines, circles, and points could be drawn on a screen using a light pen. Xerox worked on developing handheld pointing devices in the 1960′s and patented a mouse with wheels in 1970. In 1974 Xerox patented today’s mouse, after a researcher was suddenly inspired to turn a trackball upside down.

Xerox was never able to market STAR successfully, but Apple quickly picked up the concept and the Macintosh, released in 1984, was the first successful mass-market system.

A new concept was born that revolutionized the human-computer interface. This new interface style quickly advanced as other products entered the marketplace. In 1985 Microsoft released Windows 1.0 and Commodore introduced the Amiga 100. In 1987 Apple introduced Macintosh II, the first color Macintosh, and the X Window system became widely available.

IBM’s contribution was the release of their System Application Architecture (including Common User Access) and Presentation Manager, intended as a graphics operating system replacement for DOS. Other developmental milestones include NeXT’s 1988 release of NeXT Step, the first to simulate a three-dimensional screen. Then, in 1989, several UNIX-based GUIs were released, including Open Look by AT & T and Sun Microsystems, and Motif for the Open Software Foundation by DEC and Hewlett-Packard. Open Look possessed an innovative appearance to avoid legal challenges. Finally, through the 1990s and 2000s, a succession of products and upgrades from Microsoft and Apple have appeared.

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Apple iPad : Exemplary Gadget from Apple

60191839 32f957cb89 m Apple iPad : Exemplary Gadget from Apple
by Major Clanger

Apple Inc., a leading American multinational corporation which designs and manufactures electronic gadgets and computer software, recently launched the mini computer named as Apple ipad. This tablet computer is a third category between smartphones and laptops. It is a majestic and sensational gadget at an unbelievable price and bringing revolutionary changes in the tablet PC market. Apple’s  iPad is a tablet PC, similar in function, to the iPhone and iPod Touch. This beautiful mini computer comes with a huge memory of upto 64 GB, equipped with a multi-touch touchscreen display, headset, digital compass and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity and many other unique and exceptional features. iPads have established a new ‘connection’ with the technology freaks.

It is low weighing gadget and measures only 1.5 1bs. This gadget is around 0.5 inch in thickness. It also has an impressive 9.7 inch IPS touchscreen that offers wide viewing angles for life-like watching experience. This tabbing device looked like a large iPhone and could be used to watch movies, play games and browse the web. It has a battery life of 10 hours and many other astounding features such as Accelerometer and Compass, Speaker, Microphone, and 30 pin connector, WiFi 802.11n, Processor: 1GHz Apple A4 chip and Full capacitive multi-touch. It comes with whole customization at fingertips. It is a user friendly device and you can easily type directly on to the screen. You can also manipulate pictures and control the action in games with finger input. Apple ipad has twelve preloaded applications, which are also seen on existing iPhone and iTouch models. In addition to these 12, other third party applications can also be downloaded and used.

Available on all mobile networks such as Orange, three, t-mobile, virgin, vodafone and o2 with numerous of cheap ipad deals which are very lucrative and providing tempting freebies and free incenti ves.

One of the most astonishing buying plan is contract deal which contains free valuable electronic gifts such as computers, laptops, DVD players, LCD TVs, Digital Cameras, Bluetooth headsets, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP etc and you can also grab free incentives such as free talk time, instant cash back offers, free text messages, Internet allowances and free line rentals for few months. With this ipad deal, you can get iPad on contract of a specific time period  during which you have to pay monthly bills.

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Apple Iphone: The New Technology Gadget

28080205 cb17526ba3 m Apple Iphone: The New Technology Gadget
by jmatthew3

These days Apple iphones has become everyone’s need as this smart iphone has all the high- end features and latest applications. One can get everything in Apple iphone be it the matter of looks or performance it gives it all to the users. Apple has developed its well known name in UK mobile market as it has served some outstanding iphones to the customers. Apple iphone is blessed with some great features like GPRS, EDGE, WiFi, USB, Bluetooth and 2G network which provide users with high speed Internet access so that user can download files easily and in less time.

Apple iPhone comes with the Internal memory of 4/ 8/ 16 GB. This smart iphone has inbuilt camera feature of 2 mega pixel with 1600 x 1200 pixels. Now let we talk about its looks, the Apple iphone has 3.5 inches of TFT capacitive touchscreen with the resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and 16M colors with some additional features which make its display more attractive such as Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Multi-touch input method and Scratch-resistant surface. Its dimensions are 115 x 61 x 11.6 mm and has weight just about 135 grams. Some of the amazing application which apple iphone serves for its users is TV-out, Google Maps and Audio/video player.

Now if you are thinking to buy this amazing handset so dont make it more late and buy mobile phone deals that are available to the users at affordable prices in UK mobile market. Networks like Virgin, Vodafone, Orange, O2, T- mobile and 3mobile are known as some of the top leading networks of UK mobile market and give their users some cost efficient and pocket friendly deals.

There are many deals like Contract Deals SIM only deals, pay as you go mobile phone deals and SIM free deals that can surely reduce your hefty mobile phone bills and can give you breath of relief. One can also avail apple iphone 4 deals for several benefits

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Computer Hardware – Learn How to Fix Your Computer

4184756750 a4e5205aa7 m Computer Hardware   Learn How to Fix Your Computer
by dittma_d

Computer hardware has changed a lot over the past 15 years and most computers used to be large and heavy and were very difficult to use because they did not have an operating system. You would have to put in your own code so that you can make the computer operate and most of these old computers were very slow. It is amazing the enhancements that have been made over last few years to computer and the way they affect our life.

Nowadays you can get a computer and all shapes and sizes, finding one that will do just about anything you want is easier than ever before. There is a computer war that is going on right now between Apple and PCs. Some people like one or another for many different reasons so you should try each out and see which one you like the best. Most people say that Apple computers are faster and are less prone to getting viruses.

If you’re looking at getting a PC you should know that there are many companies that make these types of computers. You should also know that most of the parts and software that is available for these are made from different companies as well. Many people like the Apple brand because everything that goes into their computers are made by their own company.

It is amazing how an expensive computers have become. You can now buy a laptop computer for as little as $ 300 and that is a very cheap amount considering just a couple years ago it would cost $ 1200. The more advanced computers get the cheaper they become as well and this is good for the consumer.

Remember if you are in the market for a new computer then you need to search and find which one fits your specific needs the best. Whether you choose an Apple or a PC you should know that computers are faster than they have ever been before and can do just about anything you want them to.

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Mac Gamers Want The Best Mac Games

5436729507 2c1ec101c7 m Mac Gamers Want The Best Mac Games
by Sergey Galyonkin

Article by drew mccain

 Mac Gamers Want The Best Mac Games

Best Mac Games Keep Getting Better

Multimedia professionals started off using Mac’s many years ago. They prefer to use Apple computers. When they buy a Mac, they know they’re getting brilliantly clear screens, a sophisticated but easy to use operating system, cutting edge graphics, excellent audio, and a reliable Internet connection.

These are also the very features that computer gamers demand. And with todays game playing being such a popular leisure activity, gamers want the best they can afford within their budgets. Apple has always met these expectations with every model in the Apple Mac range. Children growing up in most public schools these days are using Macs instead of PC’s, so it’s no wonder that they choose to buy the best mac games for their entertainment purposes.

Apple has always kept ahead of games technology. Games do not develop independently of computers, but the best manufacturers push the limits of what is achievable. Gamers can rest assured that with a Mac, they’ll get what they need to enjoy the latest and best mac games games to the fullest. For quite sometimes Windows computers have dominated gaming. Most games are made for Windows with only the most popular titles being ported to the Mac operating system months later. Generally even patches are late for the Mac making the gaming experience very poor compared to what Windows users have had.

Availabilty of Best Mac Games

Many years ago, there was a justified concern that manufacturers were failing to offer games compatible with Apple computers. This situation has completely changed. New games now come in a Mac as well as PC format. There’s no need to convert a PC game for Mac use. Game-playing Mac owners can therefore be confident they won’t lose out. In fact, once they load a new game into a Mac, they know they have a computer that will do it justice. However, the newest breed of Mac Gamers has had enough with not being able to play or join in with the games that their friends are using, because their friends are using PC and they are using Macs. They want to share best mac games and Windows users want them too.

For some time, there have been debates on how to settle this problem and keep everyone happy with the best mac games to play and compete against each other with. However, now there is one type of gaming platform on the web called Steam. Users can purchase and download games from this system digitally without problems. Mac users are now going to have full access to this technology making gaming on a Mac have quite a bit more options.

Whenever games are released on Steam, they will be released for Windows and Mac at the same time. This means that users won’t have to suffer the waiting period that most are used to waiting on for the ports to the Mac platform. Patches will also be released at the exact same time for each type of system. This means that the games will be fixed with the same priority on either system. What is even better about this for Mac users is that the online content with work cross platform. Mac users and Windows users will be able to play online content together. Mac gamers will be able to share the best mac games wit their Windows opponents and likewise. This eliminates the issues that many have where online content might be available but not have as many players online to actually play with.

More than likely this is how gaming for the Mac will work in the future. These content management systems like Steam will become more popular for other operating systems like the Mac and even Linux. Once the games are ported and working with the main platform, then it’s easy to get them to work on other platforms.

Gaming Online and Trial Download Sites Will Still Off the Best Mac Games on the Market

The Internet offers another arena for games players. There are now many online games on various websites, and there’s the chance to play a favourite best mac game with players across the globe. To find and download these online games quickly and successfully, you need a first class web browser. Every Mac comes with Safari, acknowledged as the computer world’s fastest and best way of searching the Internet. Safari helps you locate online games, and the other technology in your Mac ensures you enjoy them to the full.

If you have a game that’s not browser-based but you want to play it online with other people, Apple can help you with GameRanger. This is a free program for Macs that provides you with a multiplayer online gaming service. With the GameRanger program, you can meet other Mac game players (there are more than 260,000 who use the program) and play over 170+of the best Mac games.Downloading the GameRanger program is easy. Once you have it, you can see who is playing what game. If you have your own copy of a game, you can then ask to join in. Alternatively, you can set up your own competition and invite others to become part of it.

If you are looking for safe, relaible sources to download the best mac games, then try out these sources:



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Online Shopping for Quality Mobiles at Competitive Prices

6027390496 e71412de95 m Online Shopping for Quality Mobiles at Competitive Prices
by iCrossing

Article by Ajax

Mobiles have become our trusted friends. It has become impossible to live without mobiles. Mobiles can perform more functions than just help us communicate. We can play games, listen to music, take pictures, browse the internet, check emails and carry on business operations. Every person owns a mobile-from a simple housewife to a sophisticated businessman, from a college student to a politician. Thus the market for mobiles is huge and expanding. Mobiles have highly advanced capabilities such as GPS which helps a person to find his way through an unfamiliar terrain. The mobile has propelled the human world to make progress by leaps and bounds.

There is no doubt a high demand for mobiles. They are also available in different price ranges to suit the pocket of the users. Mobiles come in various designs, colors and with different features. Some of the well-known and reliable brands are Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Samsung, Sony and Dell. These mobiles are also considered a symbol of status. These mobiles are often high priced with sophisticated functions. There are also low range mobiles produced by these brands meant for use by the masses.

Browsing the online shopping sites for a good mobile deal can be a good option. Sometimes these online sites have a good stock of the latest mobiles and their prices are also reasonably viable. The online sites offer good discounts as well. So there is a high possibility of clinching a dell mobile at an extremely good price. The customers can easily browse through their sites and find out the mobiles they sell, their price lists and even make comparisons. There is no need for the customers to leave their home or forsake the job at hand to buy mobiles online. All they need to do is select the mobile they want to purchase, place an order and make an online payment. A majority of the online sites also accept cash on delivery. They have flexible options to provide better facilities to the customers.

The online shopping sites have a reputation to maintain. Thus even the cheap mobile phones they sell are of quality standards with hardly any faults. The customers have become wise and opt for online shopping for their choicest purchase. There is no need to go to different shops when you can find the Samsung smartphones, the htc mobile, the dell mobile the Apple mobiles and the blackberry phones all under one roof.

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Get Mobile software from Cydia’s Shop

4116677655 44ddc7333e m Get Mobile software from Cydias Shop
by Ed Yourdon

Article by wholesale

Now that Cydia show the public its own official shop, Apple’s iTunes store is no more the only library of software, add-ons, tweaks and games that can be downloaded directly onto the phone from almost wherever you can get a cell phone and WIFI signal. One most fantastic qualities of Cydia’s shop is that the cell phone applications that it presents are not only the applications which are take a ride following Apple’s magnificently outstanding online music store.

However, the Apple’s iPhone and iPod Application Store has developed a new pattern of mobile software distribution. Never before could cell phone owners see this kind of convenient location for free and paid software for cell phones. Either via opening the iTunes application on a PC or Mac, downloading the iPhone application and then syncing the phone, or via directly going into the Application Store on the iPhone; finding out without charge, installing phone software has not ever found out a more fabulous or simple solution.

Aside from the cell phone applications software developed by third-party developers, Apple also develops software for the iPhone. For instance, the iWork software package

High Offering Laptop Computer Computer Systems

79927928 a24793442c m High Offering Laptop Computer Computer Systems
by gsnedders

Article by Thomas Timber

The present laptop computer chief in location quantity five is Apple MacBook MC516LL/A 13.several-Inch Notebook. Apple will remain a popular within the desktop and laptop computer arenas alike. This is often a smaller sized display screen measurement, but that is certainly less daunting to many people. There is usually a two.four GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The battery is pretty successful for any notebook at 10 hours. All those who’re comfy with Apple desktops will most probable gravitate simply in the direction of the MacBook.

At quantity 4 may be the Samsung RF510-S02 15.6-Inch HD LED Notebook computer (Graphite Radiant Burst). This can be a incredibly first rate size display for people that site significance on this characteristic. The harddisk is 640 GB and there is four GB of memory. There are distinctive graphics qualities for those people that like gaming, and many others. The specific USB 3.0 is chargeable and can cost a cell phone or MP3 participant even if the mobile computer is off.

Future up is number 3, the Toshiba Satellite tv L655-S5158 15.6-Inch Laptop computer (Black). As soon as once more, there is often a 15.6 inch display screen which can be an excellent dimension. There is a three or more MB cache memory space and 2.53 GHz. It can be equipped with Windows 7, and Toshiba is notorious for long living and good quality. The Toshiba brand could possibly be within the greater finish similar to Apple; on the other hand, most supporters would state which the added cash is price it.

At place number 2 is the Compaq Presario CQ62-410US 15.half-dozen-Inch Notebook. Beneficial filter size, plus the attractiveness of this model is that it usually presents a a lot more inexpensive acquire value. This style of product could be excellent for a younger scholar or for an adult who won’t invest quite a few hrs on the internet and would not use a individual laptop for organization.

Regarding the fundamental method the desktop brings, it enables the stable overall performance throughout the technique operation. Nonetheless, you can find drawbacks emerged which might be its incapability to handle slightly more potent software for example image and video manipulation, LCD rendering or even the latest 3D game titles. To the other hand, this COMPUTER’s integrated graphic is undoubtedly able to exhibit the DVD quality movies and under 720p HD picture. You can find also excess software package incorporated that provide you with good selections like anti-virus, business office software, and advertising participant. When you like, you can upgrade the desktop PERSONAL COMPUTER aided by the excess excessive definition audio credit card, wireless network card, and separate graphic credit card.

The number one stain is held by a different Apple product. This would be the Apple MacBook Pro MC374LL/A thirteen.several-Inch Laptop by Apple. When once more, most probable a must for people who adore Apple. It has the two.4 GHz Intel Core Duo and 250 GB hard disk drive with 4 GB of RAM. The graphics are leading notch and the Working Method may be the most up-to-date 10.half a dozen Snow Leopard.

You will find a number of things to think about when buying a fresh laptop computer. Some of these are cost, memory space, velocity, data and graphics capabilities, and no matter whether or not the pc is compatible with planning by way of the following many a long time although retaining up using the most current updates and working systems. Sorting through the prime 5 laptops and weighing in personalized or enterprise requirements will support to make the method a bit less complicated.

The laptop and netbook globe is modifying by leaps and bounds, almost as swiftly because the mobile phone world. It will help to acquire a spot to get started on so as to begin the looking course of action. Selected factors that happen to be needed for each individual really should be weighed in alongside together with the reviews and specialized specifications readily available for every single. Company proprietors or individuals who operate from property at times ought to factor in their certain requirements likewise.

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