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FLV Converter shareware

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by ThomasThomas

If you have Video Converter, do you want to rip the Blu-Ray DVD or common DVD to FLV, MKV, AVI, SWF, MOV, MPEG, PSP, MP4, RM, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3GPP2, etc? So that you can enjoy your favorite Blu-Ray movies on iPod, PSP, iPhone, PMP, GPhone, Apple TV, etc! With the Prosperity of Blu-ray market, many software development companies have seized this opportunity and developed Blu-ray Ripper. It is hard for ordinary consumers to distinguish the true from the false. For this reason I would like to recoomend you the best and professional Rip Blu Ray Converter to rip — Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper.

Commercial file retrieval application easily gets back damaged picture files, song folders, videos, text files and other important data which were saved in file formats like tiff, Png, jpeg, mov, midi, mp3 and mp4 etc. Using FLV Converter software you can quickly and instantly get back all your memorable and precious missing data like engagement ceremony video, your babys first birthday photographs, college and school days pics, award winning snaps, project presentation etc.

Soft4file partition recovery software is easily available at affordable price thus you can use it without any second thought as it safe, secure and reliable too. Free data recovery software is easily executable on multiple Windows operating system including Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, server 2003 etc. Soft4file partition recovery tool is very easy to use and does not require any specific technical skills.

Soft4file partition recovery software is easily available at affordable price thus you can use it without any second thought as it safe, secure and reliable too.

Free data recovery software is easily executable on multiple Windows operating system including Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, server 2003 etc. Soft4file partition recovery tool is very easy to use and does not require any specific technical skills.

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Ps3 Console ? Finally!

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by Matacentauros

I waited and waited and was really almost about to buy a XBOX360; and then they finally brought down the price of the PS3 Console so I could have my gaming system and my Blu-ray player all in one!! Hooray!!

I really can’t add a whole lot to the absolutely stellar reviews already on this page, but I will say this:
System price
Blu-ray HD and the games look STUNNING and I only have a 720P TV (definitely invest in an HDMI cable though)
I love all the free playable demos you can get
The Playstation Network is free unlike XBOX live
The console is about the same size as an XBOX and fits nicely on my TV stand!
The controller and gameplay are really nice, the racing game we have is very realistic

Not backwards compatible
Like all the other game systems it only comes with one controller and the extra controllers are way expensive

Overall I would definitely recommend this system to other people, it’s really nice.

PS3 Console – New PS3 Slim Is Awesome

I have owned XBox 360, Wii and now this new PS3 Console slim and I have to say I’m impressed. I went through an unfortunate total of 5 x 360′s (all died RROD) but was still tempted when I went and saw the new Elite today (manufactured July 09).

I just couldn’t bring myself to go through the experience again although it is an excellent machine, just too many issues.

I picked up the new PS3 Console and it is extremely quiet and cool running. Having a lot of fun with it so far, love the Blu-Ray and free PSN as well as support for Bluetooth Headsets and USB keyboards.

Will update review after a couple of days.

I only have one question to fellow PS3 Console owners out there. When I insert or eject a disc there is a clicking or ratcheting sound, is this normal ? Again this only happens on insert and eject, it is perfectly quiet any other time.

Go pickup one of these units, this is now the system it should have been from the start………….available to the masses !!!

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Ps3 Console – Incredible Piece Of Hardware

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by fung.leo

The PS3 Console is in my opinion the best multimedia center created to date. Most people recognize it for being able to play games, but it is also capable of playing CD, DVD, and the highly-acclaimed HD Blu-Ray format.

When it comes to gaming, there is no comparison. The PS3 Console receives all of the large multi-platform titles such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, Modern Warfare 2 and Street Fighter IV, and also gets arguably the best collection of exclusive games on the market including Killzone, Little Big Planet and Uncharted.

The PS3 Console is a very convenient piece of hardware and requires no extra fees after purchase, and is also very reliable. An online PSN account for the PS3 Console is free, and allows you to create an online profile which can earn trophies from games, add friends and also download tons of content from the PlayStation Store.

The media side of the PS3 Console is remarkable stuff. The Blu-Ray format is in my honest opinion and underrated format. While HDTV’s aren’t in everyone’s home, the difference between an HDTV and SDTV is huge. Blu-Ray takes full advantage of the HD format and also allows for up to 50GB of storage.

This new model of the PS3 Console is more effective than its predecessor. Not only does it consume less power, but it is about 33% smaller and 33% lighter. It’s genuinely an electronic and hardware masterpiece, and the fact that such power can be crammed into such a small unit speaks volumes about the ingenuity of the human mind.

To summarize, the PS3 Console is a great piece of hardware that is multi-dimensional, future-proof, powerful, and is now at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this product.

PS3 Console – A Great Long-Term Solution

What I really like about the slim is that it still has the same functionality as the old PS3 Console  (except the install os) for a lower price. I respect the 360 for Live, cross chat, and a good XMB, but think of the long term benefits with the PS3 Console slim. The slim consumes less power than the 360 thus cutting costs from your electric bill. Also, the slim has a big fan inside which helps prevent the system from burning. This is a problem for the 360: the lack of a good cooling system. Had Microsoft cut the price AND redesign the cooling system of its system, I would be giving a lot of thought on which console to purchase. However, Microsoft just cut the price and that’s it.

Also, the PS3 Console will be getting a lot of high quality exclusives. Its lineup is much more diverse than the 360. Yes, 360 will have Fable III, Alan Wake, Halo ODST, and Forza 3, but the PS3 Console will have Demon’s Souls, White Knight Chronicles, Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, EyePet, Gran Turismo 5, God of War III, Heavy Rain, MAG, ModNation Racers, Quantum Theory, and Afrika. Later on in 2010, it will get The Last Guardian, Agent, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Last Rebellion.

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Ps3 Consoles – A Worthy Console

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by fsse8info

 Ps3 Consoles   A Worthy Console

To start, I’ll mention that I own all three consoles- an Xbox 360 Pro (20GB), the PlayStation 3, and a Nintendo Wii. I like all 3 of them. The last addition was the PS3 Consoles.

I received this as a gift for Christmas.

I think the console is a great piece of hardware, and overall, I love it.

What I think is great about the console:
-Controllers. The controllers are lighter, rumble capable, and motion sensitive (vs. the 360). They come with rechargeable batteries and have great range.

The R2/L2 buttons have improved design (trigger style) over the PS2.

-Hardware. The Ps3 Consoles doesn’t have a huge power brick and is much quieter than my 360. While I’ve been through 7 Xboxes (first died within 30 days of getting it), I have had no issues whatsoever with the PS3 Consoles. Bluetooth is great and wireless is convenient, a feature Microsoft charges 0 for. Capacitive “buttons” on the console looks sleek. The included hard drive is great. Sony also trusts you to put in your own, larger capacity hard drive, a convenience that doesn’t tie you to any HD manufacturer and doesn’t void your warranty.

-Blu-Ray. Now that it’s won the format war, the Ps3 Consoles is a smart buy for Blu-Ray alone. Yes, they’re starting to come out with 0 Blu-Ray players. I’ve never had a profile or firmware issue with any Blu-Ray disk on my PS3 Consoles, it has 1080P HDMI, ethernet AND wireless for BD live, and storage space for enhanced features. Oh, and it doesn’t take a long time to boot like some Blu-Ray players. I could be satisfied with my PS3 Consoles purchase for just this feature alone.

-Software. Love Sony or hate them, Sony has some great exclusives on the PS3 Consoles. MGS4 and Ratchet & Clank are particularly great.

-PlayStation Network is free, store is easy to use.

What are my gripes?
-Xbox Live may be a paid service, but it’s also much more fully featured. I’ve never seen a cheater on Xbox Live since 360 launch, while I’ve seen numerous instances on the PSN. Xbox Live is also much better integrated throughout the console (you can have a party on one game, decide to switch to another, and not lose anything). Sony will get closer over time, but Xbox Live is a far superior service. I would pay an equal amount to get a similarly developed online service on the PS3 Consoles.

-Why does almost every game require some sort of install? MGS4 is particularly annoying about this, with installs in between each chapter (these installs are shorter but still annoying) and it quickly eats up your hard drive space.

-An infared port costs almost nothing, is the same black as the console, and requires very little standby power. Sony’s decision to not include one is mind boggling. Sure, the Blu-Ray remote works great (Bluetooth), but a lot of people (myself included) can’t use a universal remote. Even if you get an adapter (USB to Infared), the PS3 Consoles doesn’t power the USB ports in standby, so there is no way to turn the console on with the remote (you have to leave a DualShock on, wasting the batteries).

-Speaking of no power for USB in standby, this is another mind boggling thing for me. Why can I only charge my controllers while the console is ON? I’m often tethered to the console due to a need to charge. Some 3rd party accessories can solve this- I bought the PS3 Consoles Charge Base 2 from Nyko- and it works well, charging the controllers quickly and leaving them looking neat- but buying a 3rd party accessory shouldn’t be necessary.

-Why isn’t the Blu-Ray remote included with the console if the ability to play Blu-Ray disks is such a big selling point?

-The PS3 Consoles only comes with a composite (yellow/white/red), non-HD connector. Why isn’t an HDMI cable included? Monoprice.com sells the cables for cheap, but unless you order it before the Ps3 Consoles, you won’t have it in time, and for the it costs to give buyers an HD cable in the box…the Xbox 360 includes component AND HDMI cables in the box, so Sony doesn’t have a valid excuse in my book.

-The controllers are nice, but the nonremovable battery limits your ability to swap in a spare or even replace the battery as it wears out.

Overall, I love the console. I have some criticism, but I think the purchase was very much worth it.

Random tips?
-Get the Charge Base I mentioned earlier. It works well and is faster and more convenient than using the USB cables.

-Check with your credit card issuers. Gold Mastercards, Visa Signature cards, and almost all American Express cards come with free extended warranty service. Mastercard & Visa will double the Sony warranty to 2 years, and Amex will do so as well. If you’re wondering if you have it, call your card issuer and ask if you have this benefit. American Express also offers accidental damage coverage- up to ,000 per incident, max ,000 per year for accidental damage, loss, or theft- for NO CHARGE. Just save your receipt with the statement, and if it breaks after the first year, you call the card issuer.

-Get a good surge protector. Save the receipt in the box. Almost all good surge protectors come with a lifetime guarantee. If the console dies due to a surge, they will pay the cost or give you a new replacement console. Put all the reciepts for any connected equpiment in the box too. I bought a Belkin 7 outlet protector- ,000 equipment guarantee.

-Buy Blu-Ray disks online (especially from Amazon), it’s MUCH cheaper than buying them at retail stores.

More Detail…

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New Sony Laptops

There are a number of different series and models in the Sony Vaio range. The F, C and S series laptops are perfect for everyday multimedia use. The M series are a range of mini notebooks, whilst the Z series notebooks offers a professional package and the L/J desktop series are geared for family and entertainment use.

Intel Core processors are the driver behind the Vaio laptops. The variant of processor depends on the series and models. The Quad Core processors are used by some of the models in the L/J series. Other models use either the i3, i5 or i7 processor. The F(V) use i5, the F(X), C, E, S and Z series use up to an i7 processor.

The operating systems used in the Sony Vaio series of laptops are from Windows, generally Windows 7 products. The Windows 7 professional come with the E and Z series models and Windows 7 home premium with both the F and C series. The S series uses the Windows 7 ultimate and there is Windows 7 starter in the mini notebooks.

The Sony Vaio notebooks in the M series all have a 250GB hard drive, the Z series notebooks 128GB Dual SSD Flash or 256GB Quad SSD Flash. The E17 has 1TB and other E series model and C series have 640GB. The S series and F series models have 256GB SSD Flash or 750GB.

The Vaio S Series has up to 8GB of memory as has the Vaio F(X) Series, the remaining Vaio laptops, the F(V), the C Series and both models of the E Series have 6 GB memory. The two models of the Z Series also have 6GB, the other 4GB. The desktops of the L/J Series have 8, 4 or 3GB. The M series mini notebooks all have a 1GB memory.

The Z series notebooks also have Vaio everywair 3G mobile broadband and the M series have Bluetooth. Other additional features of the Vaio laptops include Dynamic hybrid Gfx in the S series and a choice of display in the E series and either DVD or Blu-ray Disc available in the C and F series. The Z series also has a backlit keyboard and ambient light sensor.

There are Full HD Vaio Display touch screens available in all models of the L/J series Sony Vaio desktops. Cinema style sound is also provided on models either via S-force 3D and DSP Sound Chip or Dolby Home Theatre. Some models come with Blu-ray Disc writers or players. Two models also come with Intelligent Media Gallery.

The processors in the Vaio laptops are all variants of the Intel Core Processor. Some models in the F Series, the Z series and L/J series use the i5 processor, other models in the range such as the Sony Vaio C series use the 2nd generation i7 processors. Some of the models in the L/J series also use either the i3 or Quad Core processors.

Check out the latest laptops and desktop computers at www.expansys.com.

Take Pleasure With 3D Movie Playback From Most current Blu-ray Players By Sony

The news came out that Sony launched an affordable range of Blu-ray players for 2011 and everyone cheered. Finally the best picture and sound quality for home audio is available at a price that almost anyone can afford. Now everyone can purchase the finest devices on the market and not have to go into debt to do so.

Many people can remember their old records that came on vinyls discs. Then came reel to reel and cassettes which gave better sound and would not scratch like vinyl. During the seventies there were the short lived eight tracks that would play music continuously without turning the tape over, and then the compact discs that most songs are recorded on today. Movies were played from reels and then evolved for home use as VHS. Next came the DVD and high definition DVD and now the newest and finest audio and video is recorded on Blu-ray Discs.

Most people who have seen the difference in picture and sound clarity would have to agree that this latest median far surpasses the older versions. Most of those who were given a choice would probably prefer to watch movies at home with the best devices on the market.

Unfortunately the cost of development usually means that new products come with a high price tag initially. You have to pay a bit more to get the latest and the greatest, so those who want to own the newest devices get to pay for the privilege.

The good news is that now the leader and the innovator of this newest home entertainment median is producing units that will be available in the coming year for a lot less money. Prices for these new devices will be comparable to what you may pay for a DVD player. So now there will be no reason not to own the best in home entertainment viewing.

For those who were surprised that Sony launched an affordable range of Blu-ray players for 2011 be advised that now may be the time to buy. The finest in home audio and video presentation has been reduced to a price that you may not be able to pass by.

Learn more about Sony’s newly launched range of affordable Blu-ray players now in our guide to all you should know about exactly how and where to find the best Sony BDP-S380 review and Sony BDP-S480 review on the Web.

What is the best Playstation 3? By Robin dallaway

I got a PS3 for Christmas and to say I was pleased is a major understatement. Since I have had the PS3 I have spent a lot of time on it, and recently I have been actively trying not to play it too often so as to allow myself to get some work done! The fact that my brother also got a PS3 means that my efforts so far have been stifled.

 What is the best Playstation 3? By Robin dallaway

The control pads take their cues from the early ergonomic pads used by the SNES or Sega Mega Drive, and this, in my opinion, is where the humble PS won out over the Nintendo 64 and still wins out over the X- Box. Talking about control pads in lieu of software specs or even games may seem crass, but consider this; the controller is the part of you that connects to the game. It’s the interface between man and machine. Why else would they now come equipped with rumble effects and all sorts of gadgetry?

Whereas other console’s controllers can be hard-edged, almost square (any old-timers remember the Dreamcast? What was up with that!?) and have buttons placed too far apart to reach one-handed, or reach in a hurry without A LOT of practice; the Playstation has always boasted a pad that fits right there in your palms and can be adapted to suit any number of innovative styles of button-bashing. Much to my friends’ annoyance, I assure you.

The features of the PS3 don’t stop at just playing wonderfully beautiful HD games but it has an in built Blu-ray player With the ability to play Blu-ray movies, DVDs, CDs and other optical media all on one device. The Blu ray movies are the next level of technology from the DVD.

There have been several models of the PS3, the original playstation was released with a 20Gb and 60 Gb hard drive, fundamentally the same console and with backwards capability of Playstation 2 games. This has now been phased out and all current units do not come with the capability of playing PS2 games.

This is just the start, for more information on on PS3 and more in depth information on Playstation move please visit our site

About Gaming Laptop, NP860 Sager Laptop Review

Sager is one famous brand that has launched plenty mobile gaming laptops. NP860 is one gaming laptop that has got all the great features and the best thing is it is available at an affordable price. The Sager NP860 is a fully customizable machine which means you can choose what kind of parts you want.

The first thing you need to look for in a gaming laptop is the performance. The performance of the system can be understood through its processor. NP860 comes with a wide range of processor options. All the processors are from Intel. You can choose from Intel Core i5-460M processor that comes at a speed of 2.53 Ghz or Intel Core i7-640M processor that comes with 3.46 Hz speed or you can also go for a low speed processor of 1.73 GHz – Intel Core i7-740M.

You will feel great to know that the NP860 has got RAM slots. It supports DDR3 RAMs. You can expand up to 8GB of RAM. The size of the display is pretty decent as it comes with a 15.6 inch full high definition screen. As far as gaming is concerned, it will surely impress you as it comes with nVIDIA graphics card with 1.5GB video memory and you can choose between two kinds of graphics card.

When it comes to storage, the NP860 gives you a SATA hard disk with a large storage space and a DVD drive that is capable of reading and burning DVDs and Blu-ray discs. We all know how important is to listen to the sound effects of the game while playing it. That is the reason why you can find inbuilt 3D HD audio system. There are plenty of connectivity ports on the notebook such as HDMI out port, DVI out port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port and so on. It comes with 3800mAh battery that gives a good battery backup.

All in all, the NP860 is a high performance gaming laptop. The weight of the laptop is about 7.38lbs which is slightly on the bulkier side. If you have no problems with the weight of the NP860, you will surely enjoying playing your favorite games on this system. If you are looking for a lesser known gaming notebook device, then Sager NP860 is a great laptop that comes at affordable price with all the good features.

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