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The Benefits of Using a Secure Console Server

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by Silk Road Collection

Article by Hector Klein

Whether your business enterprise is large and thriving or just getting started, investing in a console server may provide you with numerous benefits. Console servers allow you to conveniently link all of your related servers and computers. In this way, you or anyone you may designate may have the ability to easily access any of the saved data by way of a single computer monitor. Depending upon your individual needs, investing in a secure console server may be an ideal way to safely connect and access your business-related information.

Currently there are a number of manufacturers offering regular as well as secure console servers, with the secure models being somewhat more expensive overall. Depending upon the quantity and type of data that you collect in relation to your business, a more standard variety of console server may be sufficient to suit your needs. Conversely, details including business financial transactions and medical information need to be stored with a great deal of care. In these sorts of scenarios, a secure console server may be a better choice in terms of keeping the aforementioned types of sensitive information private.

Before you actually purchase a console server, be sure to assess your particular data storage needs. While the initial cost of purchasing a server may be an important factor, considering the safety and security of your gathered data should be a primary consideration. Regular and secure console servers essentially work in similar fashion, but the secure models will also keep your information encrypted. This may be of vital importance, if limiting the number of people who may have access to the information is a concern.

If you do opt to invest in a secure console server, there are a number of options currently available, particularly if you shop online. Even with a more limited budget, secure console servers may be purchased without an overly significant financial output. If purchasing a brand new secure server proves to be out of your financial range, considering a refurbished model may be a good alternative. If you do choose a refurbished server, be sure to thoroughly research your server of choice, including a review of any available customer satisfaction reviews. Finally, be sure that a warranty is included with whatever brand of server you end up choosing.

With prices ranging from a few hundred dollars for a refurbished secure console server to over one thousand dollars for a new model, finding the one that will work best for you may be just a matter of focusing on your particular business needs. Now more than ever, many people are paying close attention to what information is collected about them and who may access it. Investing in a secure console server may go a long way in protecting not only your customers, but your business reputation as well.

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What is a Console Server?

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by US Consulate General Milan

Article by Hector Klein

 What is a Console Server?

A console server is a device that allows one to remotely gain access to a system console through networking technologies. It is commonly used as a management tool in the Information Technology (IT) department of many corporations, which makes it a useful tool for remotely repairing system consoles or troubleshooting. Under most circumstances, console servers consist of a large number of serial ports. Through a wire, these connect to other computers themselves, or other servers, switches or routers. Regardless of the equipment used to connect the computers, all computers will be directly networked in a way that allows for easy access from a remote device.

Appliances made specifically for the operation and maintenance of console servers are available from a wide variety of manufactures, with the number of serial ports ranging anywhere from one to forty-eight. As mentioned earlier, the primary use for console servers is for remotely accessing other computers on a similar network. This network, however, can be expanded to anywhere from within a singular building to different parts of the world. This is mainly because computers on a console server do not need to be directly connected with a wire; instead, all system consoles simply need to be connected in any manner possible, which is usually done via routers and Local Access Networks (LAN, or the Internet). Such flexibility in connection allows somebody to remotely manage data and systems, monitor usage, and to diagnose and repair any technical problems. As a result, technical support branches of many computer companies use console servers to aid their clients in fixing a technical problem. This is known as out of band management, and has proven to be a highly successful management technique.

Since console servers can be expensive to purchase, many people have taken the slightly more inexpensive route of creating homemade console servers through off the shelf hardware, typically found with multi-port serial cards with a simplified operating system similar to Unix, such as Linux. Another benefit to homebuilt console servers is the increased power of the administrator; systems built from retired software allow for greater flexibility, as administrators have full control over the software running the server itself. Among these features and abilities is full access to the configuration of encryption standards and security protocols, allowing for the administrator to alter and change security settings to better fit the unique needs of the system and its users. While this can help make the system more secure, the total cost of ownership for console servers often increases when one is homemade, despite their cheaper construction costs. This is mainly due to the fact that they are less reliable than their manufactured counterparts, which can result in a higher service cost. Not only that, but they will often take up more rack space than manufactured models, which typically take up about one rack unit (1U). This can also increase operating costs due to higher space requirements.

Thanks to console servers, corporations and companies have been able to effectively manage and maintain devices on the same network remotely. However, there are different types of console servers available to the consumer, and knowing the exact console server-oriented needs of the company is a very important part of the purchasing process.

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Who Needs A Secure Console Server?

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by Trevor D.

The phrase “secure console server” is actually a bit redundant, as most console servers actually feature security as one of their primary selling points. Data sent from a remote device is usually encrypted in some manner, and the console server itself generally features advanced security precautions. The fact that such security tends to be standard is a rarity in the computer world, though a welcome relief to those in business. Though the likelihood of most data being intercepted by some sort of nefarious business rival is usually quite slim, unethical business practices of the sort are not entirely unheard of. By allowing for regular data encryption and limited access, even the most basic console servers can assist a business in keeping its data safe.

A truly secure console server, however, takes security basics a step farther. Rather than simple encryption or base unit passwords, these devices are intended for those that need to keep their information secure. Computer security tends to have a relatively odd connotation in the world of popular culture. Most think of high tech government facilities, evil weapons manufacturers, or glamorous spies, but basic security is actually quite necessary for any person that values their privacy. There are a number of fields that can benefit from having a more secure console server, and these fields can actually be quite surprising.

The medical profession is one that is constantly hemmed in by privacy restrictions. Be it HIPPA regulations or legal doctor patient confidentiality, keeping data safe from prying eyes is a priority in that field. Having a secure console server can be quite important for any medical business with off site personnel or any sort of information technology staff. If patient information leaks due to poor encryption protocols or poor control over access, any medical practice may find itself liable for the resulting damages.

The legal profession can also benefit from a secure server, for much the same reason. More and more attorneys are turning towards electronic documents for their business, and losing track of these documents can easily lead to a malpractice suit. While it is rather unlikely that some sort of cyber espionage is being conducted against any given attorney, the unethical practices that can take place in the legal business do warrant extra protection.

Finally, those in any sort of technology-based business can benefit from purchasing a more secure console server. Industrial espionage is not just the province of airport reading and bad movies, but a very real phenomenon that can cost a business quite a bit of money. By investing in better data security, a business can keep its trade secrets to itself and keep its competitors out of the loop for much longer.

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Bugdet-friendly Console Server Solutions

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by jwbenwell

If you have a room full of console servers, each of those machines will require a serial console. However, serial terminals are difficult to acquire and are very expensive. Thankfully, there are plenty of budget solutions that will provide a console server to access when a machine or network breaks down.

A good console server should provide remote access, whether the computers are in your office or on the other side of the world. Logging is also important so you look at the last console commands to see if there were any problems. When the network has failed, that is usually the time where you need a console server the most, so your device should be able to function through remote access even if the network is down.

KVM Switch

If you are using PC hardware components for your server, then one possible solution is a KVM switch. This device will allow you to use a single mouse, video screen, and keyboard to control multiple consoles. This technique does not require much space, but it will only function for PC hardware, which means you will not be able to control any communications gear.

KVM switches also lack quality logging and scroll-back options, so you will need to use another method to handle alerting. The biggest downside to KVM switches is that it is will not run with serial-only devices. Therefore, even if you have a room filled with PC servers, you will still need some type of serial console server solution.

Serial Switching

Some users may try to use a single terminal console and switch between servers as required. You can either use a serial switch or plug it straight in the required machine. Serial switches are not cheap and it may cause problems when switching between servers.

Serial switching is a good solution if all your computers are based locally, but there are some drawbacks. It can be very difficult to figure out what configuration of DTE DCE headshells are required to match with the hardware leads. It can take several minutes for even an experienced network administrator to match the leads with the breakout boxes, all the while the users are complaining about the downed server. In addition, there are not remote logging or access capabilities.

Terminal Server Hardware

Usually, the serial ports and console server machines are configured for reverse telnet access. This allows users to telnet to a specific IP and be connected to that console server or computer. This technique is very cost-effective and any old terminal server can be used. It is also accessible through the network, providing remote access capability. However, if the network goes down, you will not have access to any console, even if you are sitting in front of one of the machines.

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Secure Console Server Introduction

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by Jason McArthur

Imagine if your vehicle broke down on the side of the highway, and your auto technician could dial in to your ride and repair the engine right where you sat. That is one of the features of a secure console server. No need to send out information technology (IT) technicians on those profit eating road trips. No need to run home from a business trip to pull the office network out of the recycle bin. Remote access to you personal, the corporate, or even your client’s network has revolutionized the industry. Increased efficiency and reduced out of service time have proven this type of server to be a necessary component of any network.

A secure console server makes long-distance management and troubleshooting as easy or better than being on location. For one, the client does not have to wait for IT to arrive and save the day. Limited down time keeps the supported systems running, the client making money, and ultimately renewing contracts for the IT teams who have capitalized on this must have technology.

Rather than being another frustrating piece of equipment to configure and support through bugs and glitches, newer secure consoles offer easy setup, simple configuration, and quick menus to access peripherals directly. Even when the network under consideration has gone down, remote access can be connected directly with this server through out-of-band contact even through a dial-in modem. Installation and maintenance costs reduce dramatically by having system-wide modem access like this. The compact device saves local storage space, hardly taking up a footprint among the racks of hardware an on site data system might require and taking the place of multiple other devices. The IT department can connect this server to dozens of peripherals and access data through multiple server platforms, switches, routers, UPS’s, PBX’s, and even many proprietary devices connecting via serial ports. Some setups are so simple they can be up and running on a system in less than a quarter of an hour.

Strong encryption makes the secure console server maintain the safety of the connected data and devices. With user name and password configuration, certain approved users can be allowed access to select portions of a network or peripheral system while being denied from retrieving certain data or reviewing files in other locations. Authentication maintains protection for both management and users on the system. Administrators may review the compiled event records to see where a system began its breakdown. Some servers like this will send a notification e-mail through a network or a backup modem connection. Connection can be through USB, serial port, a web-based GUI, or with included connectivity software configurations. For any system, a server like this becomes a must have item.

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