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Let’s talk about External Hard Disk Drives

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Photo by Dexter Panganiban
In times like these, we cannot deny the fact that technology has helped us to developed more gadgets to make our lives a little easier. Just take for example, from computers to laptops. From laptops to notebooks. And from notebooks to tablets. And then from tablets to what? To the many things technology can bring us.

We all know that our personal computers run (in the sense of computers) faster than our laptops because it has more memory space. And we also know that our personal computers contained more storage space than our laptops because of the built in hard disk drive in it. So, what’s good with having laptops but still you can’t save all your files in it because it has smaller storage space.

Worry no more my friend because there’s a solution now. External hard disk drives, this is the name of your new helper. It has a storage capacity of 100GB to 2TB. With this capacity, it is really a big help for your big files out there. No need to bring your CPU (central processing unit) outside the house. But if you want to use a floppy disk to save your files, you can have the external floppy disk drive. It reads your floppy disk when it’s already attached to your PCs or laptops.

USB cables are known for creating connections between two devices. It is like transferring one file from one device to the other device. This is how it works. When used in our external drive, our PCs are able to read and view all the files inside it with just easy steps to follow. Easy isn’t it?

Your external hard disk drive, when attached to your PC or laptop can be read by these devices. Your laptop can also write in it. With just a few clicks, everything will work fine.

Different colors were also available for your external hard disk drive. I actually picked the color pink, even though most of my friends don’t like it. I preferred to have a pink one because it calms me down when I am not in a good mood. Actually, it should be the color blue but then I don’t know why my pink external drive gives me peace.

Having one external disk drive was one of my birthday wishes. I asked my dad if he could buy me one, and he agreed about it. The first thing I did was to search for the newest external drive in the mall so that I could already select what kind of hard disk drive I want. I then asked for the price so that my dad could prepare the money when the day of my birthday comes!

Whoever you are, if you think that this external hard disk drive would be helpful to you, you can actually have it. It is a perfect gadget to save all your data, and important files. And you can also carry it wherever you want to.

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Why To Select Slim DVD Burner

A slim DVD burner is the right accessory for any laptop, even one that might already have a burner installed. There are numerous available models and selecting the right choice can be daunting.

For my money, I will utilize the Sony slim DVD burner model DRX-550U. This 8x slim DVD burner is perfect for just about any application you can think of, whether it is burning movies or doing backups of your important work. A USB DVD writer can make back ups and burns a breeze as it can quickly plug in and be set up if needed, then just as quickly be detached and stored away.

Why the Sony DRX-550U is the Best Slim DVD Burner

Sony has always been recognized for the excellent quality and durability of the products they produce and this slim DVD burner is no exception. This, unlike many other Sony products, is really inexpensive and provides you all the features which you have to get started burning immediately. The 8x speed means you can copy CDs and DVDs very quickly and its super slim ultra portable frame means you are able to take it wherever you have to go.

The advantage of having a USB slim DVD burner is that wherever you are you can either get data of your system to transfer to another, or simply plug it into someone else’s system to copy anything you need off of them. These portable burners are really the most useful tool for a traveling business that person can have. They can back your work up, take work with you, or transfer work from a number of systems and networks.

The great thing is how inexpensive the media and the actual burners have become. For around $150, you’ll have a system set up that can enable you to get access to all the data you need and back it up as well. You can also burn off movies for those long continental flights so that you will never be bored. Just get your favorite movie, rip it off and away you go. These easy devices are truly revolutionizing the way business gets done. After seeing all the advantages, you really have no reason not to have a slim DVD burner, and the Sony is the one I would select.

After purchasing DVD burner, you also need to buy other devices for your computer need. If you want to print and copy your data, laser copier printer is a good selection for you. You can also buy Brother color laser printers to make you easy in printing and copying your data.

What is an Offsite Backup?

If you’re managing a huge enterprise right now, then you most probably need to back your documents up in a very safe manner, most especially if you are processing a lot of documents every day. Why should choose data backup? Well, obviously, you will need it in case your computers break down due to massive environmental damage (such as being caught up in a fire or earthquake) in which case there will be no way to get your data back.

Also, viruses have the power to erase your files, so you have to be wary about that and always do back-up everytime.

In truth, the most important question you should bear in mind right now is, “How do I commence the storage of such huge data”? First of all, let us explain that there are two kinds of backups, offsite and onsite. Onsite backup is when you store most of your data in a specific area of the same PC. This is important, but it is useless if you don’t perform offsite backup as well. The three categories of offsite backup are as follows: network backup, FTP backup and specialized off site backup.

Network backups may be the most common and the easiest, as it can be done on your own network. A LAN usually has a network drive, which appears on your PC as an ordinary drive (depicted as drive M:, drive O:. etc), but it is not a physical drive, just a drive that the entire network can access. Sometimes you can copy on it, sometimes you can’t, so make sure your network settings allow you to backup on said network drive.

Next you have the FTP or File Transfer Protocol. It is a more private version of the HTTP, and is more focused on transferring huge amounts of files over the internet, to a private server that is accessible by you and you alone.

A caveat though, is that it is not fully secure and can be infiltrated by many hackers who will try, so it is best not to use if your data can cost you a lot of money when hacked.

The last kind of backup is specialized offsite backup, which is a service offered by most computer companies. This is the fastest and the safest way to keep your data (as companies have their own encryption method and server), and while a little costly, is really worth the price for exclusive data storage. You will need to make sure that the company you’ll be working with has credentials, to make sure your data will be stored for long periods of time.

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What are the Parts of a PC?

If you are reading this article, then most probably you are reading it from a computer. There is also a large probability that you have been using a computer for many years, and will be using it for the years to come. I have a question for you, though – do you know what’s going on inside your computer as you are reading this? Better yet, do you even know what the components inside your computer are?

If you’re one of those casual users who don’t know what the PC is made of, then there is a need to orient you of the computer’s core components. This article will enumerate the five most essential parts of a computer, what they do, and their importance. If this is your first education on PC parts, then welcome!

First off, let us begin with what you usually see, and the one you’re probably staring at right now, the computer monitor. The single most essential output device of a PC, the monitor is where you can see what your PC is doing in real time. It’s a visual representation that lets you understand and work with your PC, and the input that you do via your keyboard and mouse can be seen on your monitor in real-time.

They keyboard and the mouse are responsible for the input functionalities of a computer. They keyboard is the alpha-numeric device that looks very much like a typewriter, with the addition of a number pad and more specialized keys. It’s the easiest way to enter data and can be used according to how a program implements it. The mouse is the pointing device that lets you navigate the 2-d surface of the monitor, and up to now is seen as the most important console for all kinds of programs and games.

Let’s go to the less common ones, the ones that are located in the PC case. We have the CPU, or the Central Processing Unit. As the name suggests, the CPU is where all computing happens – without it, the PC won’t be able to do anything at all. In other words, a computer wouldn’t exist without a CPU.

The motherboard is where all the hardware is connected, and this is where the CPU is attached to as well. The faster your motherboard, the faster the data processes become. The last important component you need to know about is the hard drive. This is where all your data is stored, and is usually declared in your Operating System as Drive C: or D:.

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Fibre Cable Uses

The discovery of guiding light by refraction was first demonstrated as long ago as 1840, though developing this technology to perform effectively by using suitable materials did not happen until the 1960s when Charles Kao and George Hockham discovered that the reasons why this technology was limited in its application was not due to light scattering or absorption, but due to the purity of the material used to refract the light. They demonstrated that by using extremely pure transparent materials such as glass compounds, light could be transmitted much longer distances at much higher densities, ultimately outperforming technologies such as the transmission of RF signals though copper, coaxial or wireless means. This discovery led to both Charles Kao and George Hockham receiving (and sharing) the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for Physics.

Although fibre optic cables only send data by using transmitted light, they have a huge range of uses, though the most common use is in telecommunication networks. Using fibre optic cables can be very advantageous as, technically speaking, the transmission of data, or light, in its simplest form does not require electrical power; though in many circumstances, the transmitted light must be controlled or ‘shaped’ in order to send more complex data.

Typically, when used to transmit telecommunication data over long distances, optical fibers are constructed with a high purity glass core as this is the best known refractor of light, in terms of efficiency or attenuation. The construction of optical fibers can also include acrylic or other high purity transparent plastics such as polyperfluorobutenylvinylether. By using glass as a core and sending data using near infrared signals, data can quite easily be sent as far as 60 miles without amplification.

As well as telecommunication and computer networking applications, fibre optic cables can also be used in remote sensing. For this purpose, the sensor can either be a fibre optic cable or a non-fibre optic sensor connected to a fibre optic cable. Many different types of sensing can be achieved by controlling the light transmission’s wavelength, intensity, polarization and phase.

Another more common application that fiber optic cables are used is simple illumination. While it is common to see fibre optic lighting on signs, artwork and, most commonly of all, Christmas trees, fibre optic cables can also be used to reroute sunlight into different areas of a building. Fibre optics is also used in medical procedures to view areas that are normally very difficult to view. An endoscope is an instrument that uses a fibre optic cable, sometimes with a lens, to view objects or areas through a small hole such as in medical endoscopies.

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Why The Best Is The Best – A Canon EOS

Canon’s new product in digital photography, the Canon EOS 500D, is set to make waves.

The new offering is packed with features that are definite musts to the photography enthusiasts such as high image quality and a completely impressive high definition recording feature for video production. This video shooting capacity allows movies to be shot from start to finish that comes with a very usable HDMI connection, allowing great reviews in high definition as well as playback of the movies on any type of high definition television. This is considered as the most impressive feature on EOS Canon 500D that is new.

Also known as the Digital Rebel T1i, the Canon 500D EOS is a compact and lightweight Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. The 15.1 megapixel camera also allows for exact image previews and lets the users review image captures with its 3-inch LCD screen. This Clear View screen features a 920,000 dot count, which provides the users with accurate focus checks, comprehensive and real-time image reviews, and easy access to the acclaimed EOS menu system. Plus, the Live View mode makes it easy for quality image captures even at awkward angles.

The Canon EOS 500 D works with the Canon DIGIC 4 processor, with impressive continuous shooting speeds. It also makes efficient use of the wide area AF system, making it possible to shoot split-second action sequences. The AF system features nine individual high precision sensors, which include a central cross-type point. The DIGIC 4 works hand in hand with the CMOS sensor of the EOS 500D Canon to produce images with amazing noise reduction and allows for 14-bit image processing, which in turn produces images with natural-looking colors and smooth tone gradations. The DIGIC 4 is also responsible for the fast camera start-up times and the near-instant review of images captured.

The camera’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System protects image quality by reducing, repelling and removing unwanted particles from the sensor. Those that resist the cleaning system can be removed in post-production using the Dust Delete Data software, which comes with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software. The software allows for detailed RAW editing package. Users can makes use of the quick check tools, cropping tool, white balance tool, and picture styles tool in RAW images. For maximum versatility, the software comes with the EOS Utility and Picture Style editor.

With the EOS system’s valuable characteristics and the model’s high compatibility with the EX-series Speedlites and EF/EF-S lens series, the EOS Canon 500D will provide camera enthusiasts with many memorable shooting experiences.

So if you want one of the highest quality cameras available in this range, then the canon eos 500d is really no doubt a great choice. Find out more about this digital camera, by looking at a full canon eos 500 review on the internet.

Features of the New HTC Thunderbolt

With a well-constructed design, this Android 2.2 smart phone also incorporates Skype video chat into the HTC Sense interface. A nice feature of the Sense operating system is that you can move your screens around. The Thunderbolt has 768 RAM and comes preinstalled with a 32GB microSD card for storage. The Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor provides 3G gaming capabilities for great entertainment. This combined with a high amount of RAM enables fast multitasking and an unbelievable gaming experience. Simultaneous voice and data capabilities are now available on Verizon’s network. So, you are now able to book a hotel room while talking to your wife.

The Thunderbolt adds versatility by adding dual mic with noise cancellation, Dolby surround sound, a compass sensor, a proximity sensor, a light sensor, 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB, and FM radio. A case is available for further protection. A case is a cheap accessory that many buyers must consider. However, the screen protector is made of Gorilla Glass to protect from drops, shock, scratches and dents. Accessories include an assorted variety of battery charging devices, Bluetooth car kits, USB and HDMI cables, and a wide variety of cases.

A 1400mAh battery guarantees that your phone will always have the right juice and stay connected for a while. Juice defender is a great application that helps conserve battery power. However, there are numerous different chargers available such as mobile, solar, and emergency devices that will give life to your phone. Standard 930 mAh batteries typical smart phones are using are left to die on the shelves. Because energy conversation and efficiency is huge, HTC engineers have put in a lot of work.

Ability to connect your phone to upload data to your PC is streamlined with the USB port located on the Thunderbolt. You can sync and charge your smart phone with this cable. You can even use your cell phone as a wireless modem and connect to the Internet anywhere you go with your phone. The optional Bluetooth kit makes your hands available while driving to help prevent accidents. Adding a Bluetooth speakerphone improves the Thunderbolt’s user interface.

Whether you’re enjoying YouTube videos at your favorite restaurant with the built in kickstand or downloading the latest Bruce Willis flick, the Thunderbolt will have you entertained for hours on end. HTC is now a worthy contender of Apple, Motorola, Vizio and Samsung as one of the best smart phones on the market. The HTC Sense interface provides some of the best features other OS lacks. Its sensitive touch screen leaves users satisfied when inputting data. The fastest fast is here with 4G LTE technology on Verizon’s network. Standard 2-year contracts apply for new customers.

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Fixing Insufficient Pc Storage

First of all, let’s attempt to take a look at the kind of memory in your personal computer. Memory refers to short-term data storage of your computer. This is otherwise known as RAM. Your RAM stores a lot of data as you use up your pc. As you take actions in increasing you RAM, the quantity of data that your personal computer can remember also increases thus making your personal computer quicker.

On the other hand, if your pc runs out of memory, an error would come out telling you that your personal computer is insufficient of memory. This will make your laptop or computer truly slow and rather inconvenient to use.

Here are some actions that you can undertake to address this issue:

Your initial step is to check your memory. As stated above, insufficient memory errors are due to a faulty memory status. To guarantee that your memory is functioning effectively, it can be advisable to run a memory test. You can do this by way of the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool which specifically checks on your RAM.

Another thing you can do is to adjust your computer’s visual performance. As we all know, windows has an wonderful interface. It delivers a lot of fancy features that make you take pleasure in your computers to the fullest. It has fading icons, translucency, drop down shadows, and animated windows to name a few. But then you must be conscious that these functions are just for fun and are unnecessary to your computer’s performance. These all add up to the loads that your RAM is carrying so you might as well adjust your visual options on your Control Panel.

You also have another choice so you may improve memory space. You can activate your computer’s Virtual Memory. By doing so, free space is reserved on your hard drive to assist your RAM. Excess information is then placed there rather than adding up to your loaded RAM. Activation is completed in your control panel.

You can also use a USB mass storage device as secondary memory storage of your information. You may do this by utilizing a ReadyBoost method which is only offered in Windows Vista. What it does is very similar to that of the Virtual Memory RAM. This is one of the very best methods to improve memory and stay away from insufficiency.

Lastly would be to limit the programs in your memory. This can be completed by simply closing programs and avoiding unnecessary personal computer tasks. But naturally some programs are definitely very crucial to run each time you use your laptop or computer so make sure not to prevent them.

There you have it, some straightforward tips to fix insufficient laptop or computer memory. But if things get way out of hand you may always call for small business computer repair. Las Vegas has a great personal computer repair place known as LV Computer Users Liberation Team.

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Wireless Bluetooth Adapter: A Must Have Gadget for All

Open wireless technology has been ranging up to its immense function and value; this is how the Bluetooth had become a very important factor in providing clearer data and signal transfer in a site communication. Wireless Bluetooth adapter gives safe message that appropriate and ought to have, especially in immediate transmitting of information. Today, Bluetooth had extended its usefulness where it has already comprised in connecting to other devices like laptops, phones, audio gadgets, computers and so much more.

Bluetooth is mainly used for preventing synchronized trouble that can damage data from being transferred. Furthermore, to provide a solution, wireless Bluetooth adapter takes place to diminish unsatisfying results due to synchronized data transfer. The device can give the connection to your other gadgets wirelessly.

Bluetooth had brought various good implications such as in providing the simple way of downloading, saving songs, pictures and the like. On the other hand, this simple tool has offered other practical purposes such as printing, storing important items of any documentation. The adapter is greatly practicable when connected to enable Bluetooth’s device such as your computer or phones.

The adapter is truly vital in connectivity of plugging programs in your computer or even in your phones that are purposeful in your means. First thing to consider before utilizing the device is that proper manipulation should learned to have a satisfying result of data transfer. Setting up of the adapter is an initial thing to do.

The setup in connecting wireless Bluetooth adapter doesn’t kill you with a hassle but instead allows in having a more convenient connection to what intended device. Bluetooth adapter is truly advantageous because aside from it is very usable for office and school settings, it is portable that reduces the difficulty on handling it. Furthermore, wherever you may go, you could bring it with you.

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