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Latest and New Computer Technology News

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by PNNL – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives today. And to keep pace with the latest emerging technology is becoming more and more important in today’s scenario. If you are in the information technology field, you have have to be aware of the latest trends in technology. To be in the mainstream means to keep an eye on the each and every news related to technology. Whether it is Linux, Solaris or Windows operating system, or it is a complex technology like virtualization, you have to have a clear understanding of every emerging technology. Articles on new technology and news about latest technology can help one to make his way into the complex maze of new computer technology. Every other day an IT giant releases a new patch of software and every new fortnight a new software is released based on a radically new technology. The latest technology buzz like Microsoft Lucidtouch, Sun Solaris have become must know technology terms.

Some of the latest technologies that are going to revolutionize their respective field are

1.) Taptu: Looking for a search engine for your iPhone that is touch friendly and allows to search the web with ease? Taptu may be the answer. Taptu is a mobile search engine that just released its iPhone version that can be downloaded from Apple App Store for free.The new search engine is user friendly and quick. According to Taptu blog, it has more than 3 million webpages currently in its index.

2.) Opera Unite: Opera has launched a new technology that can turn your PC into a personal web server running inside Opera web browser. That server can be used to share everything from files to music with other computers on the web without the need of 3rd party applications. Named Opera Unite, the technology has just been released and promises to make your computer more that just a dumb terminal.

These are just two of the numerous technologies coming our way at the speed of light.

Computer technology is a constantly changing field. New innovations happen everyday. To keep yourself up to date with latest computer technology news visit the link. Author Vijay Agarwal

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by tsuacctnt

Article by sourabh singhai

A GADGET is a small technological device which is having its specific function but often it is thought as novelty. Gadgets are mostly considered to be advanced designed device than the normal technology at the time of their invention.
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Podcasting feeds for technology enthusiasts

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by griffintech

Article by jacob

Most folks would be familiar with what podcasting is. It is process of syndicated distribution of audio, video or digital media files over internet. They can be downloaded on devices like computers, iPods or MP3 players etc. The idea behind downloading the file is to reach out for the podcast (and hence the information) whenever they are wished to be accessed – without having to get connected to the web.

The most advantageous part of downloading a podcast is that once you subscribe to the feed available in the website, latest updates of the same too gets sent to your device/s automatically. This is achieved by means of podcasting software better known as an ‘aggregator’ which periodically checks in for the latest updates and the same can be played on an audio/video player or any supportive software.

In a similar way, technology enthusiasts can enjoy faster updates on the latest in technology. Technology news – referring to a plethora of subjects ranging from newly introduced cell phones to an exclusively updated laptop; software; or latest game, can easily be availed via technology podcast.

The most important advantage of a podcast is that every time you want to take a peek about latest technology introduced, you do not need to get connected to the web or switch on the television news channel: things are delivered right their inside into your kitty.

The podcast news downloads are available daily, weekly, monthly or on annual basis depending upon the requirements and specifications of the subscribers. A podcast directory makes available podcasts on various topics which can be chosen categorically. All you need are some cool software (to edit, organize and compress a file to be shared), a microphone and internet connection.

The enormous benefits of podcasting have made the process popular in the sphere of education. Students download podcasts of recorded lessons and it serves as an effective tool for fostering communication with faculties. Technology podcasts helps you get opinion of technology experts who share their ideas along with workshop training whenever required. Technology enthusiasts download podcasts news to upgrade themselves with latest technology reviews available at podcast news websites.

Jacob Brown is an expert web writer and enjoys a niche in offering reviews and tips on the latest trends as well as online shopping. Currently he is associated with http://www.digitaltrends.com – an online venture that specializes in providing updated technology and consumer electronics reviews,technology news and videos. Visit our site to benefit from discussions on Technology Poscast and information.

How to improve your business with technology

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Technology can change the speed, quality, efficiency and accuracy of a business. Technology has change the ways we do things. Technology has replaced many jobs that once used to be for human use only. Technology is the back bone behind cost saving, efficiency and a right hand for human use. There are certain things that we can’t possibly do without technology. This is why we must learn more about technology and even advance our businesses with the use of technology.

I can’t possibly think of moving a whole house without the use of a forklift or a truck. A human can’t do it alone. We must always use the aid of technology. I think technology is a gift to aid human in many ways. Since it’s widely available, we must use it to speed up our business, communication and save time and money. If you’re not using technology, it’s time to set some times aside and learn more about the latest technology.

Technology can save labor cost. If you replaced technology with human workers, you can save a lot of money. If you have one employee who watches five checkout registers, this is labor cost saving. This is an enormous amount of savings. If you have one employee watching five automatic checks in station at an airport, you are saving about five employees’ wages. This is an enormous amount of savings. This is why you must replace technology with human at all cost.

If you can use five laptop in your business and hire five people to work on your business then you have increase the work load by five times since you don’t have to do it all by yourself and you can’t produce a lot of work anyways. You can make so much more money by hiring more people to work on the computers with you. If you use yahoo chat to have meetings instead of flying across the world every time to have a meeting, you will save thousands of dollars for that. Yes, technology will help us in many ways. All you have to do is hop onto yahoo chat and you’re on your ways to meeting new people.

Written by kay_pierre