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Gaming Notebooks – MSI GT660R Review

Looking for a thick computer that will handle any game? Next you got to pay a visit to the requirements of the MSI GT660R computer. The build standard of the computer is very wise. The primary chassis is pretty durable and appears to be truly sophisticated. The glossy plastic conveniently attracts fingerprints and you may need to clean the computer countless instances by utilizing a microfiber fabric to do away with the smudges it attracts.

Display, Video and Audio Performance The MSI GT660R has a 16 inch TFT show screen. It has LED backlighting and has a show resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. If you are a severe gamer, then you’ll have a condition with this. Many gaming notebooks that come with 16 or 17 inch show screen have show resolution of over 1440 x 900 pixels. It comes with Nvidia GeForce GTX285M movie card that offers you with 1 GB of memory. It could not function as the right images card in the company but is conveniently selected for playing all active games.

The system comes with a Dynaudio-branded premium speakers and it has moreover got an inbuilt subwoofer. Such speakers is found in vehicles like Volvo and Volkswagen. The sound output is impressive because far because hearing to music is worried. For gaming you might feel the urge to use the headphones.

Processor and Memory The device runs on Intel Core i7-740QM CPU. The smoothness it provides together with all the images card while playing any game is very brilliant. There are 3 RAM slots and it comes with a 6GB DDR3 RAM. A max of 12GB RAM is utilized on this computer.

Storage Another cool thing about the MSI GT660R is the fact that it has a big storage i.e. 2 500GB hard drive forces in RAID 0. The just condition with all the RAID development is the fact that if 1 of the hard drive accidents, you’ll lose information from both the hard disks. We advise you to use an outside hard drive area on this mention as a precaution.

Additional Features Like many gaming notebooks even the MSI GT660R runs on Windows 7 Home Premium OS. It is a standard OS for gaming today. The different highlights of this computer include WLAN, Super multi/Blu-ray drive, and Bluetooth. The 9 mobile power runs for over 2 hours and 20 minutes on a full charge.

Conclusion All in every, the MSI GT660R is a wise computer for gaming. If cost is not a concern for you, then this significant priced computer is only the thing for you.