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Avoid airport boredom with a hand-held games console

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by onepointzero

Article by Adam Singleton

For many families jetting off to the sun, the time spent in the airport departure lounge is often one of the most arduous periods of any holiday experience. Keeping the kids amused while you wait for your flight can be particularly difficult – especially if your aeroplane is delayed for any reason. After all, kids really aren’t interested in browsing the duty free shops and they’ve already read the comics you bought them for the journey. So what else can you do to keep them amused?

Some airports have made attempts to help alleviate the problem of bored kids by introducing facilities especially for children, such as soft-play areas and arcades. While younger children might enjoy the soft-play areas, older children are still likely to experience boredom relatively quickly – especially when they realise that they could be spending all their holiday money in the arcade before they even get on the plane! Furthermore, some foreign airports don’t offer any sort of kids’ facilities, which can leave parents and children at loggerheads.

If you’re travelling with kids this summer, investing in a hand-held console could help banish those boredom blues and allow peace to reign in the departure lounge. What’s more, a hand-held console can also help keep kids occupied during the flight, and your holiday hotel stay as well. The two most popular consoles available are the Nintendo DS Lite and the Sony Playstation Portable (or PSP), with both offering a range of options to help keep your kids amused.

The Nintendo DS Lite has two screens, one of which is a touch-screen that allows greater interaction with in-game elements and is capable of Wi-Fi connections. This means that your kids can play games with other children from anywhere in the world, while the console’s ‘Pictochat’ feature allows short range instant messaging between users. The Nintendo DS Lite also boasts a large choice of games, including kids’ perennial favourites, Pokemon and Super Mario, as well as being backward compatible with games released for Nintendo’s older Gameboy Advance console. Music fans can also purchase a MP3 player, which can be added to the console to provide music playback capability.

Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP) is a single-screen console and, like the Nintendo DS, also offers a Wi-Fi connection to other users as well as internet capabilities. In addition to having a wide range of games from which to choose, including favourites such as FIFA and Tomb Raider, the PSP console can also play movies, with many blockbuster films available for the gaming device. Furthermore, the PSP console can also play MP3 files so kids will be able to listen to their favourite music when they’re not playing games or watching a movie.

With each console offering so much, there’s never been a better solution to battling kids’ boredom. With games, films, music and chat capabilities aplenty, a hand-held console will ensure kids will be entertained for hours on end, enabling you to relax while you wait for your flight to finally be called.

Adam Singleton is an online, freelance journalist and keen amateur photographer. His portfolio, called Capquest Photography is available to view online.

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DSi Console – Nintendo DSi Console Guide

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by DandyDanny

Article by Sandy MacGregor

 DSi Console   Nintendo DSi Console Guide

The Nintendo DSi console will be released in the UK in the summer of 2009 and is expected to prove a major hit with gamers. The DSi console will be the third member of the Nintendo DS series, following on from the original Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite. The console debuted in Japan in November 2008 and proved a huge selling product at Christmas time.

Nintendo have listened carefully to the feedback of their customers when designing the DSi, implementing a number of new features and functions to improve on their existing technology. The new console features many enhancements over the Nintendo DS and maintains Nintendo

Nintendo DS games: Gaming Console with Fantastic Technologies

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by dalbera

Article by Alden Jerry

Nintendo DS games are becoming more popular among the game loving people. These Nintendo game consoles are preloaded with world-class features and technologies. Nintendo DS games are redesigned as Nintendo DS lite that is more advanced in applications.

Nintendo is a leading gaming console company. Nintendo has designed many modern home video gaming devices with fantastic features and application such as Super Nintendo Entertainment system, Nintendo Entertainment System, colour TV Game, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gameclub and Nintendo Wii. Nintendo Wii is a fantastic console that is preloaded with advanced technologies. This Wii device is able to compete with the Microsoft xbox and Sony P3. This company has also manufactured many portable game consoles such as Game Boy Advance, Game boy line, Game and Watch line and Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS game is a handheld gaming console that got released in the year 2004 in Canada, japan and United States of America. This console is the first device designed by Nintendo that was released in in North America prior to Japan. This gaming console is considered as seventh generation gadget that is preloaded with advanced and latest technologies. This seventh generation gaming console is well equipped with modern gaming features such as clamshell design that is alike Game Boy Advance. This device comes with two screen including one touchscreen. This gaming device has a microphone that support wireless IEEI 802.11. The gadget is also preloaded with the Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Wi-Fi connectivity of the DS console uses the wireless Internet and allows the users to interact with anyone/anywhere. Nintendo DS gaming was redesigned as Nintendo DS lite by Nintendo. This redesigned Nintendo DS lite is lighter and slimmer than the Nintendo DS gaming console. The size of this player is 5.2 inches wide, 2.9 inches long and 0.085 inch tall. This gaming console has a very good battery and power management system. This gaming device comes with Lithium ion battery that provides 19 hours of play. The battery of this device is rechargeable. The gaming console is a low-energy-consumption device. The power management is fantastic as it provides the sleep mode and stand-by mode. The power management of this entertaining gadget allows the users to stop and resume games with ease. The users of this gaming device can receive messages from other friends who participate in the games.

The Nintendo DS gaming console has wonderful 16 channel sound that allows the users to expand the voice and music. This DS game console has unique software that allows voice and hand commands for further action. The users of this console can play games where they want only by giving voice or hand command. The device also has amazing voice capabilities. This console allows the gamers to chat on Internet with other gamers while playing the games. This gadget is capable to run 60 frames per second. The DS consoles are well equipped with all the latest features. They are available at an affordable price.

Alden Jerry is an author of Xpert4u a Price comparison site that provides the relevant information on various Games, electronics and mobile phones products. online games